Mallorca Against Bullfighting

Mallorca has passed a new ruling allowing children to participate in bullfights Credit:joanjoc/commonswiki

Mallorca Against Bullfighting (MAB) is a passionate group dedicated to ending the practice of bullfighting on the island of Mallorca and beyond. 

Their mission is driven by a commitment to encouraging compassion, respect for life, and humane treatment for all animals.

Ending the Tradition by 2025

MAB’s primary goal is to see a complete ban on bullfighting by 2025. The group views bullfighting as a barbaric event that inflicts unnecessary suffering and has no place in a society that values compassion.  They recognise that animals, like humans, experience emotions and deserve empathy and protection. Just as we’ve abandoned outdated traditions like gladiatorial combat, MAB argues that it’s time to leave bullfighting behind.

Recent developments add urgency to their mission. A new law has just been passed allowing children to participate in bullfights, potentially exposing them to violence and cruelty at a young age.

Raising Awareness and Taking Action

MAB utilises a multi-pronged approach to achieve their goals. They organise peaceful protests, educational campaigns, and community outreach programs to raise awareness about the brutal realities of bullfighting. Collaborating with animal rights organisations, they leverage social media and engage with local and international media to spread their message. These activities aim to inform the public, influence policymakers, and protect animals and children from unnecessary harm.

A Call to Action: Peaceful Protest and Vigil

On June 15 at 7pm, MAB is organising a peaceful demonstration and vigil in front of the bullring in Muro. This protest aims to prevent the reopening of the bullring during the San Juan Festival, where innocent animals would be slated to die. They also oppose the new law allowing minors to participate in bullfights, arguing it exposes children to violence with potential negative psychological and moral impacts.

This family-friendly event encourages attendees to wear white as a symbol of compassion and peace, and to bring candles to illuminate their vigil.  It’s a call to action for everyone who believes in compassion and respect for life.


The planned reopening of the Muro bullring highlights the ongoing fight against this tradition. MAB emphasises that bullfighting isn’t just an outdated custom; it’s a form of animal torture.  Bulls suffer a slow and agonising death, repeatedly stabbed, weakened, and tormented before being killed.

Public Opinion and Legislative Battles

Recent surveys reveal that public opinion is against bullfighting. A significant majority (65 per cent) believe children under 18 should be prohibited from attending these events, and an even greater majority (77 per cent) believe bullfighting causes excessive suffering to the bulls. Furthermore, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has urged countries, including Spain, to keep minors away from the violence of bullfighting. Despite this, some political parties have pushed through laws allowing children to participate, disregarding the potential psychological and moral damage it can cause.

Protecting Children and Nurturing Compassion

Scientists warn that witnessing violence can weaken children’s moral judgment and empathy, leading to a greater tolerance of violence in general.  Children naturally possess a strong sense of compassion and fairness and exposing them to cruelty only distorts their values and beliefs.

MAB believes we can learn a lot from children’s innate sense of empathy and justice. By protecting them from violence and nurturing these qualities, we can cultivate a generation that values compassion over cruelty.

Joining the Fight for Change

MAB invites everyone who opposes cruelty to join their peaceful, child-friendly protest on June 15 in Muro. They encourage attendees to wear white and bring candles to symbolise compassion and peace.

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      07 June 2024 • 16:32

      I think it’s time they took away the Matadors swords, stopped giving the bulls drugs and then left them to fight one on one. See how they like it then!

    • Wietse Haak

      07 June 2024 • 18:23

      How disgraceful is that! Children should never be allowed to see torture and death of innocent animals. This might trigger them to think it is normal!!! And grow up violent. STOP BULLFIGHTING PLEASE!!!

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