Mike Senker – All a load of nonsense

As you all know I love a bit of TV and I enjoy Britain’s Got Talent – except it’s not really is it?

I mean every other act is from abroad – Japan or Korea or basically everywhere and also a lot of them are very successful in their own country, winning their country’s version of the show. It’s not really a fair playing field is it? On one hand you’ve got little Johnny from Oldham with (select your own sob story here) against a professional load of singers or an Asian group of karate experts that have come all the way from their own country to compete. It’s called BGT, let it be that. I’m sure there is enough UK talent for it not to be necessary to import it.

So there is going to be a UK general election. Well I’m going to tell you right now it doesn’t matter who you vote for or who wins because every promise they make now to get you to vote for them will be broken. They can’t help it. Every one of them is a lying toe rag. Remember Nick Clegg’s tuition fees pledge? Building 300,000 new homes per year? Ending rough sleeping? Building 40 new hospitals? Stop the boats? I could list more and more. These are just the Tory ones as they have been in power for over 14 years. But I can assure you the Labour party will not keep their promises either. Don’t forget what Brexit did – we were conned. Covid – we were lied to and conned. All kept inside whilst they were having parties at No.10. It’s all a load of nonsense.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Ozempic. It’s a drug that is being touted as a wonder drug for weight loss and is being sold online for fortunes, mostly to people that want to go from a size 12 to a size 8. If, like me, you were prescribed it by a doctor to help with your diabetes, you will also be peed off that it is no longer available on your prescription because as fast as they make it it’s being wrongly prescribed to salad dodgers by unscrupulous doctors all over the world. It’s quite disgusting really that I can’t get my medication because of a new diet fad. Oh, and by the way, this drug has terrible side effects if misused. That’s why a lot of the fat folks taking it are becoming ill.

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Written by

Mike Senker

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