Air we go: Amsterdam’s smart tyre pumps up savings

Air we go: Amsterdam's smart tyre pumps up savings.

Air we go: Amsterdam's smart tyre pumps up savings. Image: Gemeente Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has installed ten smart tyre pumps, all freely available for drivers to use.

But what sets a smart tyre pump apart from a regular one?

The advantages are plentiful.

Improper Usage

Many drivers aren’t sure how much air their vehicle’s tyres need, often resulting in underinflation or even leaving the tyre stations with tyres less inflated than when they arrived, due to improper usage.

Underinflation presents a problem because it forces car engines to work harder to move the vehicle, leading to increased CO2 emissions.

With these smart tyre pumps, drivers simply enter their car or motorcycle’s number plate, and the device shows the amount of air needed.

Free and user-friendly, these pumps not only benefit the environment by reducing fuel consumption but also offer long-term savings on vehicle expenses for drivers.

Road Safety

Moreover, there’s the crucial aspect of improved road safety.

Properly inflated tyres enhance road grip, reducing the risk of a blowout and contributing to smoother, safer driving.

Environmentally Friendly

Additionally, maintaining correct tyre pressure means fewer microplastics in the air, soil, and waterways, as tyres are a major source of this pollution.

Proper tyre pressure reduces the number of rubber particles shedding from tyres and entering the sewage system.

Lastly, these smart tyre pumps are constructed from sustainable materials and operate on solar energy, aligning with efforts to promote environmental sustainability.

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    • rab

      07 June 2024 • 20:33

      Ideal for Gen Z

    • David Goulty

      08 June 2024 • 09:15

      And where air pumps were free to use in the UK they now have a cost to use them. It’s time for garages to rethink this policy

    • Mark

      09 June 2024 • 08:43

      What a brilliant idea. So simple. Hopefully the amount of air needed is automatically fed into the device so that the only thing left to do is connect the pump to the tyre valve and push the “go” button. Of course, it would have to know whether it was filling front or rear tyres, and what load the car is carrying. Case for AI? We could use these in Spain! This should be an incentive for tyre manufacturers to come up with the most user friendly machines, promoting their tyre sales.


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