Miracle landing for Palma flight

The damaged Austrian Airlines plane Credit: Portugal Safe Communities/fb

An Austrian Airlines flight from Palma de Mallorca to Vienna had a harrowing experience after encountering a severe thunderstorm near Hartberg, Austria.

The Airbus A320 aircraft, caught in heavy hail, sustained significant damage but thanks to the skilful actions of the pilots, landed safely at Vienna Schwechat Airport.

An undetected thunderstorm

The incident occurred at an altitude of approximately 6,000 metres. While approaching Vienna, the cockpit crew reportedly encountered a thunderstorm that wasn’t detected by the weather radar.

Upon landing, the extent of the hail damage became evident, with the aircraft’s nose, fuselage, and windows, particularly those in the front cabin, showing clear signs of impact.

In a statement, Austrian Airlines confirmed the events: “Flight OS434 from Palma de Mallorca to Vienna encountered a thunderstorm cell on approach to Vienna, which the cockpit crew said was not visible on the weather radar. The aircraft, an Airbus A320, sustained hail damage to the two front cockpit windows, the nose, and some panels.”

An urgent mayday call

The severity of the situation necessitated a Mayday call. Thankfully, the pilots managed to land the plane safely, ensuring the well-being of all passengers onboard.

“The aircraft was able to land safely at Vienna-Schwechat Airport,” the airline stated. “All passengers on the flight were uninjured.”

An Austrian Airlines technical team is currently conducting a thorough assessment of the aircraft’s damage to determine the necessary repairs.

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    • Wietse Haak

      13 June 2024 • 08:59

      Hmmmm if some thunderstorm can destroy a plane like that, you wonder how a plane can destroy a steel and concrete building in New York on 9/11?

      • Angela

        13 June 2024 • 11:49

        Exactly !!!

    • Howard Joseph

      22 June 2024 • 11:40

      Do you know why with a UK blue badge we can no longer park in a supermarket blue badge designated parking space as the police told me to move on, can you please advise me on the situation
      Thank you
      H Joseph

      • John Smith

        23 June 2024 • 11:56

        A UK blue badge is no longer recognised as being valid in Spain on public roads however a supermarket is private property and it rather sounds as if you were unlucky enough to have an encounter with an officer who wanted to show how powerful he is. We use our blue badge in supermarkets on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar and have never had a problem. Another benefit of Brexit and the two faced attitude of the European Commission which clearly only considers that the disabled of the 27 member states are worth taking care of.

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