Mike Senker – Far too distracting

I’m very pleased with my new car.

The only thing is all the gizmos, gadgets and computer system that runs the thing, and was used as a selling point, are now really annoying. So I am slowly turning them all off. The engine cutting off every time I stop at traffic lights or a zebra crossing – gone. The hand brake automatically coming on every time I stop, even when I want to reverse to stop it rolling, making it a not so smooth operation – Off! The foot brake does the job just fine.  All the beeps when parking, front and back, are very useful but trying to park in Mercadona is a nightmare because of the terrible layout of the actual car park. How do they manage to get so many pillars in one place? Trying to reverse in then drive out, the car sounds like I’m on a life support machine and about to flat-line and die on the spot. When driving on a dual carriageway, if I have to make a quick manoeuvre to avoid hitting the idiot that’s pulled out, the car’s steering tries to pull me back so now I’m swearing at the driver in front and my car for trying to get me back in the wrong lane. It has a touch screen thingy in the middle of the dashboard which hooks up to my iPhone. There is so much on it that it can be distracting. I thought it would be a good idea to have my music, WhatsApp, maps, phone etc., and it is, but it’s also very easy to loose concentration especially with these bloody scooter things flying at you from every direction. I tried to use the cruise control the other day whilst on the toll road but had to give up. So now I am happily getting back to ME driving the car just like I have been doing quite well for the last 58years.

So Trump has been found guilty on 34 federal charges and how does that affect his chances of becoming POTUS? Well believe it or not, it doesn’t. It has made him more popular. Biden, in the meantime, is just a very confused old man. Please help me, all you, much cleverer than me, people out there. How, in a country of 420 million – 4% of the world’s population, can you not find two other people better equipped than those two to run for the most important office in the world?

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Written by

Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.