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With its passionate flamenco, delicious tapas, and storied past, Spain’s culture attracts and holds on to its foreign residents.

As a result, many expats find themselves deeply connected to the unique experiences and quality of life that Spain provides.

The Weather and Relaxed Way of Life

From the sunny beaches of Costa del Sol to the temperate climate of Andalucia, Spain’s weather is a significant draw for many.

The usual sunny climate, with an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, seems to be the key factor for many expatriates and immigrants deciding to move to the country.

On the Euro Weekly News Facebook page, responses like “Sunshine all summer” and “The weather” were extremely popular when people were asked what they would bring from Spanish culture if they had to move back to their country of origin.

Complementing the love for summer weather is Spain’s daily rhythm, characterized by the famous siesta. This practice allows for a balance of work and free time that is desired worldwide.

The siesta, which consists of a nap taken in the afternoon usually after lunch, dates back to the agricultural communities of Spain, where taking a break during the hottest part of the day was necessary.

Today, this tradition is embraced by many. As one reader noted, “For my part, siesta is a necessity…sunshine too.” Another added, “The relaxed culture with a glass of wine after work.”

Culinary and Community

The tradition of tapas, which has its historical roots in the 13th century when King Alfonso X ordered taverns to serve food with wine to prevent drunkenness, continues to be a social activity in Spanish culture.

The country’s cultural emphasis on community and healthcare also stands out. “Their flexibility and solidarity” was mentioned by some readers, reflecting the community and supportive nature of Spanish society.

No return ticket

Interestingly, a significant number of readers expressed a strong commitment to Spain, indicating they had no plans to return to their countries of origin. Statements like “Not going back to the UK for any reason, my life, my home is in Spain,” and “Not planning on returning to the UK! Loving living in Spain!” reveal a deep sense of belonging and contentment with their lives in the country.

For some, the idea of leaving Spain was unimagined without the possibility of return. “A return ticket back to Spain” was mentioned, showing not just passion for the culture but a heartfelt connection to their adopted country.

The responses from foreigners who have settled in Spain illustrate what makes the country so special to them. For many, Spain is now not just a place they have moved to, it’s a place they have truly come to call home.

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