Introduction of Entry-Exit System (EES)

The EES includes biometric facial images Credit: Pixabay:Tumisu

Manual passport stamping could be replaced with an Entry-Exit System (EES) as early as October 6 2024.

The implementation of the entry-exit system (EES) has seen several delays as EU countries diligently work to align their border controls with the central EES database. The most recent delay, requested by France, was to avoid travel delays during the Summer Olympics.

The goal was to introduce both the EES and a new form of visa under the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) by mid-2025.

However, according to the latest European Union Travel Website update, the EES could be operational from October 6 2024, with ETIAS planned for six months later.

EES migration and border control

The introduction of both systems aims to enhance the security of EU members within the Schengen region by capturing data on visitors currently permitted to enter the area without a visa. This will impact travel to thirty countries, including Spain.

The primary goal of the EES is to significantly ease the identification process for authorities, particularly in identifying individuals who have overstayed the agreed 90-day period.

EES fingerprints

Therefore, new automated barriers will be introduced to record and file biometric data such as facial images and fingerprints. The information will be stored in a secure database for a three-year period, enabling efficient cross-border monitoring and movement.

Unlike manual passport stamping, the EES will allow rapid identification of individuals who have overstayed the 90-day limit. This is a crucial development in the EU’s efforts to prevent illegal migration across Europe. The system is viewed as a significant tool in enhancing EU security.

EES may deter UK travel

In the travel industry, concerns are already being raised about the potential impact this could have on tourism, particularly how it will deter UK travel.

In fact, a recent survey carried out by the UK’s Department for Transport found that 15 per cent of British adults are less likely to travel to the EU once the EES launches.  Likewise, 20 per cent said they would delay their ferry trip to the EU if the system caused delays of more than an hour.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has also expressed concerns. Rafael Schvartzman, Regional Head of Europe, said, “The industry is concerned there are critical unresolved items that will require urgent and coordinated action from both the EU and member states prior to its implementation.”

Conversely, Julia Lo Bue-Said, Chief Executive of Advantage Travel Partnership believes that Brits should not hesitate to travel to the EU from October.  Her view is that although travellers may face delays when registering initially, the automated border controls will eventually speed up processing and the overall experience.

It remains to be seen if the level of concern being expressed will lead to the introduction of the EES being further delayed. In the meantime, British travellers should continue to follow the current guidelines, including getting their passports stamped at entry and exit points.

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    • Mike

      04 July 2024 • 08:41

      Any Brits that complain should remember their Passports are already scanned at UK borders – and all those cameras record their EVERY move!

    • Pedro Gervese

      04 July 2024 • 14:52

      They always talk about prevention of illegal immigration but the truth is the real ´´illegal immigrants´´ will just walk in as usual but the reality is a police state, the governments come up with many excuses for more control over the people but have you noticed it does not actually stop illegal immigrants or members of the crimminal classes entering or leaving countries, it sole purpose is to creat apolice state and it is almost complete.

      • Tony

        04 July 2024 • 18:02

        Well said..

    • David Robertson

      04 July 2024 • 14:54

      Sounds like Mike is one of the remainer voters.

    • Jane

      04 July 2024 • 14:59

      I am partcially sighted, and have difficulty with my sight to place my face on scanners even when I go to macula clinic. Will someone help me or do I need to cancel my holiday ?

    • Diddly

      04 July 2024 • 16:23

      I can’t remember anyone asking for this, it seems that those we put in power now need to know even more about us. I won’t be going to the EU

      • D SMITH

        04 July 2024 • 18:49

        Same here. No more holidays to EU countries. It will cost them atleast four thousand pounds per year just from me.

    • Tony

      04 July 2024 • 18:05

      The EU is becoming more and more of a police state…Thank God the UK has left their control.. Plenty of other countries to visit without feeling like you’re visiting the ex USSR or China..

      • James

        04 July 2024 • 20:31

        Tony it was David Cameron who agreed and signed off on ETIAS/EES.

    • Linda

      04 July 2024 • 19:30

      Makes you wonder how secure our info will be as they seem to be struggling just to get this going. It screams data breach – info on us will be stored in Tallin in Estonia apparently. I’ll give it a miss, plenty of other places to go.

    • James

      04 July 2024 • 20:28

      Who has access and use of the information held on the database, individuals can be tracked through Europe also there is possibility of cyber attacks or misuse of the data why even bother with passports this is now just a ID card by any other name.

    • Phill

      04 July 2024 • 20:43

      It’s a god damm mess keeping the eu in jobs as moke said we are all scanned otherwise how do we get on a plane

    • Joy

      06 July 2024 • 01:15

      Well if you w###ers hadn’t voted for Brexit ( a total disaster) it wouldn’t be a problem… Thanks👍

      • LUSC1

        06 July 2024 • 15:44


    • William Gilmour

      06 July 2024 • 13:51

      Another thing we’ve got to pay for and holiday tax

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