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So who else watched the CNN Presidential debate?

What I saw wasn’t two potential World leaders, what I saw were two old men – one who should be in prison and the other that should be in a nursing home. It was embarrassing to see Biden struggling to put a sentence together and Trump just made things up as he went along, telling lie after lie.  I read a report that said Trump told a lie every 100 seconds which, if true, is just ridiculous. Any questions Trump didn’t like, he just didn’t answer and Biden seemed unable to stay on track – quite upsetting really. Trump has already declared that if he wins he will go ‘after’ his enemies, whatever that means. It sounds like a dangerous threat to me. I’ve said before, in a country of over 300 million, this can’t possibly be the best they can come up with.

So I’ve been watching the Euro footy on TV and it’s very interesting how differently Patti and I see the game. I’m looking at England not playing as good as they should, thinking has Southgate put the best team out, not using the subs correctly and other stuff that armchair critics do best. Patti, on the other hand, is much more concerned that the grass stains on the shirts and shorts are going to be a nightmare to get out, even going as far as to say they’re more difficult than curry sauce! The thing is she has planted that thought in my head and now I think about it every time they go sliding across the pitch.

I’m getting older, that’s a fact, and I know it’s better than the alternative, but it doesn’t seem that long ago I was getting excited about the latest Nokia mobile phone that not only made calls but could send messages too. Now my phone can run a small country. The only problem is when the apps you have to use don’t work, you’re stuck with nowhere to go. The other thing about getting older is I now choose supermarkets and restaurants by their playlists. I can’t stand the music they play in these places. I don’t know who chooses it but it’s all so annoying. I actually ask them to change it in restaurants sometimes and they look at me like, are you joking? And I say I’m not joking, please change it or turn it down because, after all, I am a grumpy old man.

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