UK Election, It’s not over ‘til it’s over

Where is Screaming Lord Sutch now that we need him? Credit: The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Sometimes you can laugh with former Prime Minister Boris Johnson rather than at him and his comment about Starmergeddon looks to be pretty appropriate.

No opinion polls allowed today

It is illegal for any opinion poll to be published in the UK on the day of a General Election until such time as the polling stations close and then it’s going to be a mad rush to try to guess the result from the exit polls.

Supporters of different political parties stand outside and ask those leaving who they voted for but it’s all a bit hit or miss as we know of one old age pensioner who used to get a lift to and from the polling station by the Conservatives and then tell them with great relish when she got home that she had voted for Labour!

Those of us living in Spain who wanted to vote have also seen some strange events with this writer still waiting to receive his voting paper even though he has renewed his overseas right to vote annually for the past eight years.

Some people had their voting papers sent out in plenty of time and others had as little as nine days to receive and return them whilst others decided to go by the proxy option but that only worked if they had a friend living in the same constituency as that which they used to be in, failing that the proxy had to then apply for a postal vote!

Talking about the right to vote, this year, the UK which does not have an official ID card required everyone who turned up in person to vote to bring an ID with a photo on it in order to be able to take advantage of their legal rights.

Would an out of date Blockbuster card be accepted as ID?

Passport, Driving licence, blue badge, oyster card or almost anything with a photo even if out of date, although whether a 10-year-old Blockbuster membership card would be accepted, is up for question.

No photo ID, then it was possible to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate which is like an ID but good for nothing except to allow you to vote!

The last BBC poll showed Labour at 39 per cent, Conservatives at 21 per cent, Reform at 17 per cent, Liberal Democrats at 11 per cent and Greens at 7 per cent but let us not forget that the UK (rightly or wrongly) doesn’t believe in proportional representation so it’s all about first past the post.

Quo Vadis Rishi Sunak?

In theory you could have a very high overall percentage but still not win the election as it’s all down to the 650 seats in the House of Commons and who has the most (even if by a coalition) but it still seems likely that Rishi Sunak will be bringing in the removal van and making a possibly tearful farewell outside Number 10 by the end of July 5.

At least he won’t have to go on the dole and as a relatively young man should have years of being paid large amounts of money for public appearances, his biography and his opinion on any thing from the state of the economy to next season’s Premier League winner before he either moves to America or takes a lucrative UN job.

Bet on which constituency declares first

Whilst we wait for the final result, we can have a bit of fun betting on which constituency will declare their result first.

The record is held by Sunderland which managed 42 minutes and 45 seconds some 20 years ago but they will be up against local rivals Newcastle who were fastest at around 90 minutes in 2017 and 2019.

So set your timers as the Polling Stations close at 10pm, but always remember that isn’t actually the case as anybody is in the queue at 10pm is still allowed to vote, regardless of the time they get to put pen to paper.

The sun will still rise

When we wake up tomorrow, the sun will (hopefully) still rise and set and politicians will appear on the radio and tv either crowing or explaining how it was just a technical hitch and God help us, they’ll be back!

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Written by

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