Celebrities who have cloned pets

Many are familiar with Dolly, who in 1997 became the world´s first cloned animal. Steph Couvrette Via Shutterstock

Technological developments in genetics now permit the commercial cloning of family pets, even animals as large as horses.

Celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, who lost her beloved dog Samantha in May 2017, turned to modern science after Samantha´s passing. Scientists took cells from late Samantha´s mouth and stomach and used them to make two clones, who Streisand named Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet.

In an interview with Variety Magazine, Streisand talked about her new pets. “They have different personalities,” said Streisand “I´m waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have her (Samantha´s) eyes and seriousness.” 

While the process creates a genetic clone of the original animal, personalities will differ as they will have different lived experiences, shaping their character differently.

How is the process done?

After extracting DNA from the original animal and growing that into an embryo, it is inserted into a surrogate female animal, who will carry it through the pregnancy and the new cloned animal will be born like any normal mammal.

Simon Cowell is another notable figure who has supported the concept of pet cloning. He has publicly stated his intent to clone his three dogs: Squiddly, Diddly and Freddy. ““I am 100% cloning the dogs, all of them.” Said Cowell “We’ve thoroughly looked into it, got all the details and I can prove to you I’m going to clone them.”

Marbella Laboratory Ovoclone now offers pet cloning starting at €50,000 depending on the animal you want cloned. 

Ovoclone CEO and Embryologist, Enrique Criado, on how he sees the practice of pet cloning developing from here, said. “The first children born ´in vitro´ were a scandal at the time, and yet today it is a common practice. The same will happen with this issue, tomorrow it will be completely commonplace.”

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    • Peter Dare

      11 July 2024 • 10:27

      Does that open the door for a cloning of extinct animals as in Jurasic Park?


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