The best newspaper in Spain to advertise in: The Euro Weekly News

The best newspaper in Spain to advertise in: The Euro Weekly News

Known as ‘the people’s paper’, the Euro Weekly News is the longest-running and largest English-language free newspaper in Spain, making it the best newspaper in Spain to advertise in.

We are proud to be a voice for the expat communities who now call Spain home, in addition to helping and supporting local businesses that advertise with us to get the best reach possible. So, why advertise with the Euro Weekly News over any other newspaper in Spain?

For starters, with around half a million print readers a week and over 1.5 million web views per month, the EWN has the biggest readership of any English-language newspaper in Spain. The paper prints over 150 news stories a week with hundreds more on the web – no one else even comes close – meaning you will have the largest scope for potential clients.

What makes the Euro Weekly News the best newspaper in Spain to advertise in?

We are a publication that has worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to serve our readers and the communities they live in. Despite stiff competition, a global recession, the ramifications of Brexit and a worldwide pandemic, the Euro Weekly News has still managed to forge ahead. We even built our online readership to record levels during Covid, a time when countless businesses closed their doors, evolving with changing marketing demands and readers’ lifestyles.

The EWN has not only kept to the pace but surpassed expectations both in print and online – staying ahead of the curve is in our DNA.

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What advertising options do I have with the Euro Weekly News?

Trust is often fragile in the media world, but the award-winning EWN is constantly rated and recommended by international, national and leading local companies. Our multilingual and friendly sales team are always available to provide you with the best possible marketing and advertising options, showcasing your business from the Costa Blanca regions right along the coast to Gibraltar, as well as inland regions and the Island of Mallorca.

With packages personally tailored to suit clients – from major international advertising agencies to new one-owner businesses advertising for the first time – our goal is to promote your products in the best possible way.

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Print or online advertising? It’s your choice!

We offer print and online advertising spaces such as banners on our homepage, classified adverts, full-page, half-page and quarter-page editorials, business-size editorials, and even posts on our Facebook page which has over 80,000 followers.

We fully understand the marketing needs of Blue Chip international companies along with national companies, established local firms, as well as fledgling businesses, and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Print advertising

The success of the EWN is purely on numbers. The more you print the more readers you reach, resulting in a better response for our advertisers; the better response for advertisers, the more advertisers, and the more advertisers the more copies we can print – and so the circle continues.

This is why the EWN is the largest and strongest English newspaper in Spain and we have more advertisers than any other newspaper in Spain.

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Online and web advertising

If you have ever tried to get your business page or company articles to the top of Google searches, you will have experienced the difficulties and technicalities that this involves. Well, we have found the most competent and dedicated team of specialist SEO and organic writers to help you get there.

We are a website that Google trusts, and we have a team of writers with strong SEO skills who can specialise in getting your business noticed online. Thanks to these in-house SEO and writing teams, our website now has an amazing 2 million hits a month, a spam ranking of just 1 per cent, and an enormous 2.7 million backlinks. Not only that, but since our traffic is made up of a global audience from across the UK, Spain, US, Scandinavia and northern Europe, we can offer clients access to a desirable global market.

This online presence and expertise is precisely what sets us apart from all other publications.

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Still need convincing about why you should advertise with us..?

Our publication has won numerous awards over the last 25 years including Best Free Newspaper of the Year (Premios AEEPP), Company of the Year (Costa del Sol Business Awards) and Collaboration with Foreigners honours (Mijas Town Hall). All of this comes at no cost to our readers, meaning people are more likely to pick up a copy of EWN over any of our competitors.

So what is holding you back? Get in touch with the EWN today to find out what we can do for you and your business.

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