I dunno

I dunno. Don’t you sometimes in ‘media land’ get sick of just about everything? I’m sick to death of the Middle East. I’m sick to death of Roony’s hair.

If I read any thing more about the X Factor judges or the affairs of Cheryl Cole or Peaches Geldolf I think I’ll just about puke – and as far our esteemed politicians are concerned… One item I have been following closely however is the on – going saga of the Dale Farm ‘travelers’.

Over the years I have known a number of people with Romany ancestry. Most have been hard working members of society and all, without exception, extremely proud of there own particular forefathers, who chose the freedom of the open road and minimum links with the ‘systems’ of their day.

These people traveled the country side in their gaily covered wagons, picking up part time jobs en route and bringing a bit of fun to both themselves and country folk alike with their music and campfire entertainment. In the main these ‘gypsies’ were not criminal’s, unless poaching the occasional rabbit or grouse was enough to label them so.

This rabble who have ensconced themselves on Dale farm are about as far from true Romany’s as Tony Blair is from credibility. These people descend on an area like a plague of locusts. They desecrate the country side with their flotsam jetsam and human waste. They insult, harass and threaten local people.

The children run wild and create havoc and the crime rate soars. They pay no taxes, council or otherwise and the majority are on benefits. This tribe have ensconced themselves illegally on green belt land and brought anguish and misery to the whole area. And they still have the audacity to consider themselves in the right? Give us a break.

The likes of Vanessa Redgrave and co. who wring their hands and bleat on about human rights and how hard done by they all are should hang their heads. These people have no rights. Rights have to be honestly earned and both words are quite simply not in these parasites dictionary.

I wonder how Ms Redgrave would feel if they all moved to the bottom of her garden? I’m sure her tune would change from pop to prom overnight. Move them all on. If they wanted to exist in a normal tax paying environment, I’m sure, if they were prepared to disband, council accommodation could be found for them all. But they don’t want that do they?

They simply want to move their whole unsavory operation to another area, so they can continue to sponge off the state and terrorise even more innocent folk. Well I sincerely hope the council stick to their guns and get rid of them all, albeit as peacefully as possible. Personally I’m not holding my breath.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy leapylee.co.uk


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