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Euro Weekly News, commonly referred to simply as EWN is the leading weekly free British newspaper published in Spain. The company was founded in 1999 by Michel Euesden & Steven Euesden, with the belief that the ‘Customer is King’, the vision was to wisely support English-speaking individuals with their integration into Spain.

Euro Weekly News is part of The EWN Media Group of which produces six regional editions each week published every Thursday and boasts a circulation of 580,667 copies every month. These are distributed on mainland Spain and the island of Mallorca through more than 4,000 reputable distribution points. Over the last two decades, EWN has maintained a growth in its database. With an average of 4,000 businesses that advertise each week and supports these businesses in making them successful.

Striving to remain a driving force in print and online The EWN website www.euroweeklynews.com receives on average 2.4M page views and just over 1.6M visitors each month.

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