These leaders take us all for mugs

Well of course they executed Gaddaffi. I’M surprised they didn’t drag his body through the streets tied to the back of a truck.

Oddly this man was a victim of his own doctrines. Keep the peasants as subservient and uneducated as possible.

Consequently the main core of those opposed to him were a baying mob of poorly educated, feral individuals who had reached the end of their tether.  An act of desperation by a rag tag ‘army’ who decided to put tribal grievances aside and depose a tyrant.

Most of these people are still living in the dark ages. They still stone adulterous women to death and chop off heads for heavens sake. It will be 100 years or more before they catch up with the more civilized societies of the world.  Now they have been successful, after the current euphoria diminishes, they will slowly revert to their various tribal existences and heaven help the lot of ‘em.

The West is of course rubbing its self-congratulatory hands. Divide and conquer is still the best way to achieve its aims and the subsequent rewards on offer, which in this instance is once again the ocean of oil the country of Libya is afloat on.

Make no mistake; there were no moral high ground reasons for joining this onslaught on Gaddafi, it’s the oil the West was after. When the opportunity arose for an excuse to grab some of it, the ever opportunistic Western powers were more than ready to pounce.

The excuse in Iraq was Saddam Hussein; the excuse in Afghanistan 9/11; and the excuse in Libya, Gaddafi. Without oil the West is finished. In days gone by there would have been no problem, we would simply have gone in, wiped em all out and occupied. These days we have to be a little more careful.

There are now other countries in this world powerful enough to inflict the same treatment on ourselves. No, the 21st century Attila’s now need ‘legitimate’ excuses to go about their plundering and pillaging and what better way to achieve their goals than taking the moral high ground? Particularly when you can ‘romance’ it up a bit with the ‘freedom fighter’ scenario, or ‘sex it up’ a bit ala the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ Iraqi debacle.

These leaders really do take us all for mugs. I really do get angry when they continue to insult our intelligence with their political claptrap. Come back Maggie, there’s nothing to forgive. At least hers was an honest war. Well they didn’t expect to find any oil bubbling under the Falklands did they? I rest my case.

Have a good week. Don’t let em grind ya down, and always.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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