Money talks when in court

WELL of course we’re not all ‘equal’. To believe we are, is naivety in its most extreme. We may all emerge from Mum’s magical moment in exactly the same way, but what you feel under yer shiny bum as you take your first gasp is paramount to what your standing in life will be.

Some of us land on silk sheets and others on concrete. Those who land on the harder of the two and don’t manage to haul themselves up, have far less chance of receiving the finer advantages of our existence. This particularly appertains to matters of the law.

Oscar Pistorius pending trial is a supreme example. Far from me to pre-empt this young man’s guilt or innocence, but of one thing you can be assured, the proceedings will cost his family millions, and don’t be surprised if he doesn’t walk away scot free at the end of it.

OJ Simpson did.  I watched every minute of the Simpson trial and his guilt couldn’t have been more obvious had he been caught committing the act on CCTV.  He was found not guilty purely because he had spent millions on the finest legal brains available.

Without question money talks. The more you can lay your hands on the louder it gets. This young athlete’s resources will ensure the whole world will be able to hear his protestations of innocence. 

Alas, for most of us our words would be barely audible enough for the judge or jury.  To my mind there should be fixed rates for all legal representation.  Hah, some chance.  Can you imagine the ilk of Cherie Blair accepting that? Searching for airborne cerdo again Leapy!  Ah well, I await this alleged murderer’s defence with extreme interest.

I can’t believe all the furore surrounding the badger cull in the UK. These animals have been proven to be spreading a disease that is killing the valuable livestock of British farmers.  It does make me wonder how many of the do gooders brigade would be marching in protest were the animals in question not quite as cuddly as they undoubtedly appear.

If they had faces like Palm lizards I bet you wouldn’t hear a peep. I really do feel most of these people simply have nothing better to do.  Particularly Brian May.  I do find it difficult to believe a man of his talent, considers dressing up like a badger a good way to spend a morning.  A little common sense spread among them would do them all a power of good.  I await your slings and arrows with the usual anticipation.

Have a good week. Keep them e’s coming. Once again sorry I can’t answer them all, but rest assured I peruse every one. Love ‘em all.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.   [email protected].

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