Extremists will never win…

There are no-go areas where our police are afraid to enter

They’re still at it, aren’t they? Muslim extremists still trying to undermine our customs and culture by targeting our most vulnerable – namely our children.

Every week we read or hear of some action taken in various schools in the UK. Not allowed to fly the British flag, pork banned from menus. Halal meat being insisted on, and even male/ female segregation. This latest offering is even more sinister as it emanated from one of their own. The Muslim headmistress who was ousted in a smear campaign concocted by Islamic extremists, simply because she was considered too moderate. So much for integration.

Why don’t these people, who appear to want to live a completely different existence to the country that’s hosting them, simply gather up their thobes and burka’s and make off for countries whose climate not only suits their attire, but will automatically provide them with all the ethnic opportunities they appear so desperately to desire?

There is only one final outcome to their efforts.The British will never surrender their culture and customs to these people. If it continues unabated it will lead to war in the streets. Have no doubt about this. After horrendous loss of life and destruction of vast swathes of our infrastructure, the British will win, and they will rid themselves of these fanatics.

It is disgraceful that while successive governments continue to bury their heads in the sand and appease these people the average British Joe has to simply wait and worry until it all kicks off. There are already no go areas where our police are afraid to enter and which operate under Sharia law; a situation that was so ‘out there’ some short years ago it was scoffed at by a number of our esteemed leaders. What do they think is actually going on in these areas? Well I’ll tell you, none of ‘em are planning to celebrate British cultural successes or events.

How can we allow these areas to exist in our towns and cities? They are an affront to any citizen who has ancestors who fought and died to preserve our unique culture and democracy. Let’s just hope the British secret services have infiltrated them all enough to give fair warning before the Halal manure finally hits the fan.

I don’t often use this column for personal comments but would like to make an exception this week to wish a dear friend Jill Bertorelli many happy 70th returns. So sorry I couldn’t be there. Understand you looked like a million dollars. Will definitely try and make the 71st.

And while we’re at it, just had it confirmed that my little David will be representing Spain in the up and coming European Karate championships in April. How’s that for integration!

Keep the Faith.

Love Leapy.  Leapylee2002@gmail.com

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    • roy leon

      20 March 2014 • 10:17

      50 years ago in West Bromwich High St. when i was on leave during my Naval Service. My Dad asked me to look at the people in the street, particularly the females in eastern dress.
      Did I notice anything obvious was his question.
      I did not but he pointed out that they were all with child and he noticed this every day, as he lived there.
      His prophetic words were:- ” This is what I call the silent invasion. -They are smuggling their future warriors in in this innocuous fashion.
      Like the thoughtless and vicious crusaders, Time was not important, only their ultimate aim to multiply and control is of any meaning.
      I was warned 50 years ago and like our lilly livered politicians, alas I did nothing. Except moved to another land like you.

    • Roy Peters

      21 March 2014 • 21:26

      The sad thing is Leapy, the British people are doing this to themselves because many of the things you mention are allowed by those in charge e.g. British head teachers and school boards etc.
      We have too many Do-Gooders in the country who are willing to sacrifice the British way of life just to curry favour with the immigrants because it makes them seem important.
      With regard to Roy (Nice name) Leon’s comment, statistics show that the Muslim birthrate is nine times higher than that of ethnic Brits. This mean that in about twenty to thirty years time they will be in the majority. I am sure we can all guess what will happen then!

    • TeddyBoy

      23 March 2014 • 18:03

      Hi Lee
      All the time we have the do gooders & Councils plus Goverments : Forcing UK Citizen to accept or be procecuted all the at present minority Groups. We cannot win : You only have to go on a Council or Gov. Website for Jobs or inquiries & drop down list offer 63 Languages : SIXTY THREE : Hell it just used to be Welsh ( Which I have never understood why : Having worked in Wales they ALL speak English : But someone has got to come up with something & fast or whole Country will end up like London where UK Citizens are now the Minority Group 45% to 55% Ethics :: Trouble is no one will answer the questions they are all FAceless Ones :: Cheers O/M8 Colin

    • John Gardner

      27 March 2014 • 09:10

      Quite obviously the British Government is deliberately allowing this to happen. Why? There has to be an agenda. Look at the situation when British people, as is their right, take to the streets to protest. Policemen willingly queue up to wield their batons against them. Who tells them to do that? The British Government. But why are the police so willing to do it? Police forces are no longer independent of Government, Margaret Thatcher put a stop to that. So now they have Parliamentary protection as never before. Look at the result.
      Events are not happening by accident so what is the government agenda? Whatever it may be the British population will not rise up and turn the tide, there is no evidence in history that they have ever done that. Certain groups have, over the years, but not the population.
      How many of you know that Barack Obama has now, essentially, approved martial law in America, a country in complete denial that its multi-ethnic policy has failed? Martial law in the land of the free! Britain usually follows America two years later.
      The Government has already won whatever it is it wants, it is now just fighting the battles to ensure success.

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