It’s a disgraceful witch-hunt

HEROES: Suffer and experience completely undeserved traumas.

HIT this bunch of pocket-liners where they’ll feel it most

I FIND the claims for compensation by families of Iraqi and Afghanistan insurgents killed by British troops, somewhat akin to the car crash ‘victims’ who claim exorbitant whiplash payouts. 

Actions, often completely unfounded, encouraged by the despicable ‘ambulance chasing’ lawyers, who have sprouted like cancerous tumours since the introduction of the ‘uman rights’ bonanza championed by Cherie Blair. 

This mercenary and unfeeling bunch will stop at nothing to swell their ever increasing coffers. They have gone to extraordinary lengths in their endless quests of greed to hound and harass our brave servicemen and women, even sinking as low as sending people to knock on doors and encourage the families of insurgents killed in battle to sue the MoD.  

They have managed to drag up over 1,100 compensation claims from the Iraqi war alone. Some of these cases will not be resolved for years. As far as the lawyers are concerned, the longer the better, but for the military personnel accused it can be a living hell, possibly for the rest of their lives. 

While our heroes suffer and experience these completely undeserved traumas, many of the ‘victims’ who have already received payouts, have bought luxury cars and large homes in wealthy areas of Basra.  

And who foots the bill for this disgusting travesty? Why the good old British taxpayer of course. Who else?  

To me, the answer to this disgraceful witch-hunt, is to place a cap on the fees and remunerations these lawyers and their ‘clients’ receive. Not only should the practice be made far less lucrative, including time duration penalties, but in the event cases are not proven, these exploiting lawyers should themselves be investigated. 

If then found guilty of any misconduct or questionable actions, subsequently disbarred or struck off altogether. Hit this bunch of pocket-liners where they would feel it most, in their bulging wallets. Their civil actions have already cost the taxpayer millions, and heaped untold misery on hundreds of our brave military personnel. The sooner they are all hung out to dry the better. 

Keep the faith

Love Leapy 

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    • Ds

      21 January 2016 • 15:26

      hows about these servicemen suing the government for giving them dangerous toys to play with.

    • Ian trrry

      22 January 2016 • 10:12

      I note how difficult it is to find out who these scumbag lawyers are.
      As a person who served 18 years in the forces I find such action beyond contempt.

      Unfortunately all the indignation in the world will be wasted in a backwater paper like this unless such comments as yours reach the British public at large

    • Brian Eagleson

      22 January 2016 • 14:58

      I see Cameron has just entered the fray today declaring he wants to “stamp out” what he calls “spurious” claims against British troops. About time! But will we see action instead of just words? Don’t hold your breath.

      He should have been providing  much better care long ago for surviving veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars – many of whom have lost limbs, have mental problems or are unable to find work back in the UK. Many are still waiting for proper support. Obviously they are welcome to fight for their country and Government’s  honour but does the Government honour them with decent care on their return? As Tom Paxton put it “When Kings make war, the poor little men must tremble”… and tremble… and tremble.

    • Roy Peters

      23 January 2016 • 12:13

      Its about time this ‘uman rights’ stupidity was crushed completely, for it has been nothing more than an excuse for less dishonest people to have a go at innocents.
      Many people today concoct a story in the hope of making a bit of money for free.

    • Brian Eagleson

      26 January 2016 • 17:14

      Great comment Anthony! Isn’t it funny that wars are usually started by presidents, prime minsters and political leaders and then the ‘poor bloody infantry’ have to do the actual fighting while the former all sit at home in comfort. “What if…”, as Bertolt Brecht wrote, “…they gave a war and nobody came?” Even though the whole poem has the opposite meaning from that first line it’s still a nice thought. Pity that’s all it is though. Just a thought.

    • Ian Terry

      13 February 2016 • 23:53

      Brian.Just a brief bit if information. We used to have a large number of specialist military Hospitals. Canmeron closed nearly all of them in defence cuts placing the burden on an already overstrtched healyh service

    • Brian Eagleson

      14 February 2016 • 09:44

      Ian, I know this already. I’m side by side with you on this issue you know. The way our brave servicemen are being treated is disgraceful. Cameron qualifies in every way as one of the ‘Kings’ Tom Paxton wrote the song about all those years ago. Some things never change.


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