When are the kids going to stop throwing their toys out of the pram?

EU MEMBERSHIP: The Tory party is split from top to bottom on Europe.

THE Brexit debate has really unleashed open warfare amongst the Conservative party

GOOD grief! When are the kids going to stop throwing their toys out of the pram? The Brexit debate has really unleashed open warfare amongst the Conservatives with pro-Brexit London mayor Boris Johnson dismissing as “baloney” the attempt by David Cameron – styling himself the leader of ‘Project Fact’ – to talk up the case for staying in the EU. 

This, then, after a run of headlines in the press as part of the so-called ‘Project Fear’ (sounds like some low-key porn movie, doesn’t it?). According to Government reports (dismissed as ‘dodgy dossiers’ by Brexiteers), Brexit would mean Brits won’t be able to live abroad in countries like France and Spain, access to the single market would be questionable and it could take Britain up to 10 years to negotiate new trade deals.

And all this amid claims Mr Cameron’s new EU membership deal could actually extend the powers of the EU, and end up being a ‘Trojan horse’ that allows it to intervene over any domestic financial crisis! 

Well, I’ve got a few questions for Mr Cameron. If the Government truly expects it to take 10 years to negotiate new trade deals and the referendum is intended to cover either outcome, then why didn’t he start preparing ages ago?

I don’t understand either Mr Cameron’s frequently repeated warning that Brexit is a “leap in the dark.” Does he really believe that it’s a greater ‘leap’ than remaining in an organisation whose idea of financial probity consists of 21 consecutive years of failure to have its accounts approved by its auditors; whose knowledge of economic theory results in the belief that a common currency can be effective without a common fiscal policy and whose grasp of good housekeeping is to move its central parliament/administrative entourage from Brussels to Strasbourg 12 times a year for no practical reason other than to satisfy France’s ego? Those who campaigned to remain in the 1975 referendum will know only too well what a ‘leap’ that turned out to be.

I’d say the only real difference between the two leaps into the darkness is who operates the light switch. What a mess. This only reinforces what we have known for years. The Tory party is split from top to bottom on Europe. Always will be.

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    • chris

      13 March 2016 • 18:52

      Too right! David Cameron’s now saying Gove’s nuts & Boris is after his job! Ha ha!

    • IanT

      16 March 2016 • 23:59

      Unfortunately we´re stuck, While I agree with some of the out arguments, like it or not it will now be catastrophic if we leave as or trade and economy is now dependent on it.
      My son works for a company that machines parts for Nissan and he is deeply concerned.
      This whole EU lot needs to be reformed and the non elected commissioners given the boot.

      As for what Boris Johnson thinks.(he.s a total clown) let.s get serious. Anyone stupid enough to encourage hundreds of people to ride bicycles in the traffic and pollution of central London is totally irresponsible. It is comparable with inviting people to swim in shark infested waters.


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