The Tory Civil War is heading for a bloody climax on June 23

Houses of Parliament. Pic: YouoTube

WITH the Tories descending into civil war over the upcoming referendum with vicious claim and counter-claim, you have to wonder what the outcome will be. One thing’s for sure though, the Tory party won’t ever be the same again. 

On the one hand, the remainers warn that Brexit could be “very dangerous” for the NHS, food prices and mortgage rates will soar, and Cameron effectively accusing Brexiteers, including his own defence minister, of flat-out lying about the prospect of Turkey joining the EU.

The Brexiteers, meanwhile, claim the UK’s powerless to stop Turkey, point to a secret government memo showing the EU costing UK billions, with dear old Boris even “comparing the EU to Hitler.” 

All this, then, plus respected former MI6 spy chief, Sir Richard Dearlove, warning that the EU is facing a “populist uprising” amid growing anger from voters who feel they’ve been betrayed by political elites in London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels. “If Europe cannot act together to persuade a significant majority of its citizens that it can gain control of its migratory crisis then the EU will find itself at the mercy of a populist uprising, which is already stirring.” 

Sir Richard describes Britain’s in/out referendum as “the first roll of the dice in a bigger geopolitical game,” and brands the EU-Turkey deal “perverse, like storing gasoline next to the fire we’re trying to extinguish.” Oops! Here’s hoping for the EU’s sake, Sir Richard’s warning is a wake-up call rather than a wake.

Finally, have you read the latest about the private security company, G4S? We all know about its past débâcles: the London Olympics security fiasco, overcharging for tagging offenders, losing its prison contracts, losing prisoners (when ‘Group 4’), etc.

Now it’s been caught inventing emergency 999 calls. I wonder what contract they’ll be offered next: running the in/out referendum? Let’s face it, they couldn’t run a bath, but would charge a fortune to prove it. (And lose the baby with the bath water whilst they were at it!)

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    • Ds

      02 June 2016 • 16:29

      Its the EU army led by unelected,unaccountable eurocrats
      that worries me,already their expansionist plans include Ukraine and that will spark war with Russia.

    • Mike in ESP

      05 June 2016 • 12:42

      There are a couple of things to be aware of:

      1) National debt, it is soaring and at £1.7T with the current government adding to that at a frightening rate. Something is going to happen here as this cannot be sustained, doesn’t matter if we leave or remain there are going to be problems here but at least if we open up our trade to other countries as we can do then we will have more money to spend on the things that are causing this debt!

      2) If we leave then David Cameron must go, he has made if obvious that he or George Osborn are not the people for the job of negotiation with the EU, we will need people with backbones and not a group headed by a weak negative prime minister or chancellor. The EU scare the living daylights out of the people who are a part of countries in that union, Greece and Brexit. Fear is the main tactic while history has shown me that fear was the main tactic of organisations such as the mafia to get what they want, in fact anything I can remember fear was associated with was bully’s or mafia!

      We need to get back on track with full democracy, sovereignty, civil rights and immigration, everything will come with skillful negotiation. UK a strong country, our ppl have always moved forward & we always will but we need to get back on track with the things we fought many hundreds of years for, things the EU is chipping away at, then move forward with the rest of the world while the EU continues to slowly commit suicide.

    • Sean Dobson

      05 June 2016 • 13:30

      Cameron is a spent force,nobody believes a word that he says anymore so no matter what the vote is on the 23rd of June,Cameron will be out on his backside soon afterwards,no doubt to a cushy,well-paid job in the city or elsewhere.
      I voted yes when I was stationed in Germany in 1975,just before we left for a tour of Northern Ireland but then the vote was only supposed to be for a trading block since when it has morphed into almost a United States of Europe and is mired in corruption.
      Last year alone 675 million pounds vanished into unknown hands of which only 142 million pounds was recovered,and who says that crime does not pay.?it does in the EU and a similar amount vanishes EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
      I will certainly be voting to leave,the 19 BILLION POUNDS or thereabouts that we pay into the EU every single year will go a very long way to kick-starting our own industries and create more employment and thus spending power in the UK and securing a future for the next and future generations,remember the days when you could walk out of one job and straight into another.?
      I had three jobs in one week in 1969.
      We must get back control of our own borders and who we do or do not let in or the UK will collapse economically and we do not have the housing,natural resources,money or the doctors,nurses,schools,teachers,policemen,firefighters or other professionals to cope,and that is a fact,like it or not.


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