Has never fooled me for a moment

JEREMY CORBYN: In it for his own dangerous ends.

THE one thing that gratifies me in all this Labour fiasco of late is the fact that it has finally brought to the surface what a sorry bunch of sad losers most of them actually are. It does frankly amaze me how anyone can possibly even consider voting for any of them.  

Corbyn, probably the worst leader they have ever had, is a prime example of everything that is wrong with the party. His softly spoken, peace and love approach, has frankly never fooled me for a moment. 

Some of the most dangerous leaders and dictators in history have been of a quiet, unassuming demeanour. The truth of the matter is that he is an aging, left wing, disillusioned, bitter hypocrite. 

He is a man who has been on a mission all of his life His barely disguised support for Palestine and Hamas and his failure to eradicate the anti-Semitism that is rife among his cronies,  is not because he is unable to solve the problem. 

It’s because he doesn’t have the will to. Oddly he reminds me of Tony Blair. Blair used the Labour party as a vehicle for his own personal ambitions. Corbyn is endeavouring to do the same. His refusal to stand down, when the majority of his party are voting against him, shows how stubborn and uncaring he is. 

This man is not interested in the policies and politics of the Labour party; he is in it for his own dangerous ends. Clear thinking, genuine Labour party members know they have to get rid of this man and his supporters, or face decades of life in the wilderness of political desolation and disaster. 

The fact that they can’t seem to shift him shows us just what a bunch of ineffective and weak incompetents they all actually are. Run the country? They couldn’t even run a brewery event.

Thanks for all your mail and support. I can’t reply to them all and some are just too lengthy to publish, but I do read every one. Don’t worry, the ol boy can still take it!

Keep the faith.  

Love Leapy  
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    • Roy Peters

      11 August 2016 • 10:34

      Well said Leapy! Corbyn is a clown of the first order. I have never supported Labour, but this man is dragging it into the depths of despair.
      Why anyone would vote for this idiot is totally beyond me, for he does not have the brains he was born with.

    • Yanto

      11 August 2016 • 13:06

      The Labour Party is a shambles. Corbyn is no fool but his views and beliefs go far beyond what Labour is about.
      Way back in time public school prats like dim David Cameron treat the workers of this country like dirt. If that was the case today it would be classed as modern slavery. We still need a strong Labour Party to protect the ordinary people. Cameron is typical of those bye gone days..
      His hypocrisy over tax avoidance and his we,re all in this together speeches just about sum him and his cronies up.
      Thatcher set the health service on the path to destruction in order to privatise it.Blair was reckless and irresponsible. The wrong Miliband brother led the Labour Party. Cameron was simply useless and didn’t give a damn about working class people and Corbyn, well we’ve been there already.
      I just hope Theresa May can bring a fresh more caring approach

    • roy león

      11 August 2016 • 15:11

      We think we have problems with a dead leg leader of labour.
      What is in store for us if any of the candidates make it to the top spot in America, An Egocentric v a Demagogue v a Mormon. They are the politest terms I could think of.

      I think the world has had enough of all three. It’s about time we looked at the world as being GOD FREE.
      We have been fighting each other for thousands of years, all declaring that our own invisible man in the sky is the real thing. It’s like fleas on a foxes back all fighting over who ones the fox.

    • Yanto

      11 August 2016 • 21:02

      God exists. Something had to start it.
      After that I agree. Ban religion and burn all the books of fairy stories that are written in his name by people who, like you and me, have no idea what form this super entity has.

    • Yanto

      11 August 2016 • 21:07

      Sorry Roy but people voted for Cameron who,s only Legacy is food banks. All politicians are self serving scumbags

    • Haydn Moore

      26 September 2016 • 19:17

      I support Corbyn. Any man who can keep the labour party out of government for the foreseeable future deserves a round of applause.


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