Dixie the rabbit hunter

DISAPPEARING DOG: Dixie simply can’t resist fresh burrows.

THE thing about Dachshunds is that they were bred for chasing small creatures down holes, mainly for badgers and miniature Dachshunds for smaller creatures like rabbits. They are hunters. Dixie is a small Dachshund and pretty typical in that she simply cannot resist a burrow and any creature she spies in that dwelling. As soon as she spies the hole in her path she cocks her head to one side, her ears go back and her paw is raised in anticipation. Then she charges and down she goes. It causes her dog walkers and dog sitters no end of worry when she simply disappears for minutes at a time. Experienced carers know to keep one eye on Dixie when out for a walk, and one eye searching for any fresh burrows, rabbit tunnels especially. She simply can’t resist them. It is a worry for her family the Browns, when they go on holiday. They used to leave Dixie with friends but now feel this is too much of a responsibility to put on friends, especially if they are away for two to four weeks at a time. Now they are near retirement they like to travel for longer stretches, visiting new countries and also friends and families in more familiar locations. Finding housesitters who are experienced in dog care via HouseSitMatch.com has been a relief. The experienced sitters know how to manage this situation and this gives Dixie’s owners more confidence that she will be safe in their hands. Do you need a sitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and pet-sitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! Register as either house-sitter or homeowner now with a 20 per cent off introductory offer using coupon code PERFECT20. To find a house pet-sitter go to www.HousesitMatch.com.

 House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and pet-sitting and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation! To find a pet-sitter go to www.HousesitMatch.com or call Lamia on 00 44 (0) 777 214 2742.

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