How to make the most of your year ahead

BEGIN ANEW: Start the year by making practical plans.

WHAT would you like to create in 2017?  Find out how you can make the most of the year ahead with your Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Forecast for the New Year…

Astrology: Begin anew

Sun in Capricorn: With the new moon in this earthy sign at the end of last month guiding you, start the year by making practical plans.  Begin with a spring clean (it is never too early to declutter!) and finish the month by taking action towards new goals for the year ahead. With the darkest part of winter now behind you, this is the time to embrace the light, feeling a sense of freedom and anticipation as the New Year begins.  

Get in tune with the moon : The full moon in Cancer on January 12 brings the focus to your home life.  Are there any changes you would like to make to your home to make this a more nurturing and comfortable place?  

Perhaps it is time time redecorate, change the furniture or brighten your living space in some way.  This watery sign is encouraging you to look at what you really need in order to look after yourself.  On January 28 the new moon in Aquarius will help you to expand your vision.  Aim high under the influence of this sign and work out your most important vision for the year ahead.  What do you really want to do this year?  Ask yourself this question on the eve of this new moon, and then boldly move forward with your plans.  

Numerology: It’s all about you!

Number 1 : Numbers are symbols which carry energy and the influence of this number in January reminds you to focus on what you want.  Worry is a form of negative prayer, so watch your thoughts.  The number one also brings the focus back to yourself.  It can be easy to hide behind the needs of others in order to forget your own dreams, but actually you have a responsibility to yourself to follow your heart!  

Chose something you have been thinking about doing for some time and take action this month towards this goal.  Be bold and fearless – the universe will reward you for your actions!

The Tarot: Create the life you desire and deserve

The first card in the major arcana Tarot deck is The Magician. The man depicted on this card has everything at his disposal.  You have all the talents to create what you want this year and by staying focused on what is important to you, opportunities will present themselves as you move through the year with faith and confidence.  

Talk to friends about your plans, do something every day towards your goal and then go with the flow of life.  This year is bringing you the chance to know yourself better and to courageously move forward, so seize the moment and make the most of every day! 

Create your best year yet!

Would you like to discover how you can make the most of the unique numbers and astrological placements based on your date of birth so that you can make 2017 your best year yet?  Sally Trotman can help you to make the best choices for you in the New Year, based on your date of birth, by looking at your Numerology, Astrology and associated Tarot cards for the year ahead.   

I also offer compatibility reports, looking at the unique connection between you and your partner, helping you to understand the strengths and challenges within your relationship. Readings are available via Skype or email.  Contact Sally by email at or visit to book in.  


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