It’s just all too confusing

IN the news this week we have been informed, once again, something we had all obediently adhered to for years may not be true.

Case 1 is antibiotics. We have always been told to finish the course. Now we are told don’t finish the course.

Well, maybe finish the course, we aren’t too sure. Maybe don’t if you think you are feeling better.

So it’s now down to me how I feel. As I’m not a doctor I don’t know if I’m better or not do I? Or do I? Too confusing for me. I’ll just finish them to be safe.

Case 2 – drinking. I don’t drink any more. I used to drink … a lot, so I stopped and over the years of over indulging I developed type 2 diabetes.

Now this week I read that if I start drinking again it might help my diabetes. But everything I’ve been told by my doctors is different. The point I’m trying to make is that so many things we are told or sold as being correct finish up being bad.

Eat eggs, don’t eat eggs. Take statins, don’t take statins. What about the whole pregnancy thing?

Babies have been born every minute of every day worldwide for thousands of years. Now there are pages and pages of things you can’t eat or do. How did the world exist before?

Of course, science and research tells us things like smoking are bad for everyone but for years it was cool to do. Which brings me on to driving. First we were all sold petrol cars.

Then, after a few years, we were told to dump our petrol cars and get diesel cars and then surprise, surprise we were told diesel is actually killing us all so get rid of them and go back to petrol. And now we have to get rid of them both and go electric.

Oh and by the way after 2040 you won’t even be able to buy a non-electric car. Just how are they going to make this work?

Isn’t too clear to me because there are very few electric cars that can do over a hundred miles without needing to be recharged. Now, I’m sure over the next 20 odd years they will sort that problem.

But what about the 10 extra power stations that will need to be built? How are you going to charge your car at home?

I mean, in Spain, if you turn the hairdryer on whilst the dishwasher is on your whole fuse box shuts down!

According to a National Grid report, peak demand for electricity could add around 30 gigawatts to the current peak of 61GW – an increase of 50 per cent.

What will happen to all the giant oil companies?

I’m going to look at this more later but I don’t think they will be able to do it in the time allotted.

But I won’t be around so someone else can be grumpy about it then.


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    • Sam Bo

      07 August 2017 • 17:30

      Brilliant Mike! And new power stations supplying all-electric cars burn what? Gas. More CO2 emissions. Just what we all need! Let’s ramp up the global warming. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

    • PM

      13 August 2017 • 09:39

      In THEORY – but not in practice, electricity could be generated from Hydro schemes, as it is in Norway. Or, again in Theory, from nuclear power, or yet again in theory, from solar power. But all those require such vast investment and so long to get going, that Oil, Coal and Gas are going to be with us for a very long time.

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