Are our values being threatened?

‘ERODING’: Debate over the burka has being sparked following Boris Johnson’s remarks

“DADDY,” says the little boy, looking enquiringly up at his Father. “Why do we wear these long white robes?”
“Well my son,” replies his Dad. ‘That’s to keep the flies away and the mosquitoes from biting our arms and legs.’ ‘Oh I see’, says the boy. ‘And Dad, why do we wear these wide sandals’? ‘To stop us from sinking into the sand’, explains his Father. ‘Also’,he adds,‘this cloth over our head is to protect us from the sun and the dust of the desert’. The boy appears somewhat puzzled. ‘Dad’ he says; ‘why are we dressed like this in the middle of Luton!?’
This oldie but goodie, just about sums up the burka controversy that has been wasting so much of our precious time over the last couple of weeks. Basically it demonstrates that there is simply no valid reason whatsoever for any woman to walk around in this garment ofutterly depressing Draconian diversity.
Not only is it is an affront to European society, it is yet another weapon in the cultural war that is being raged against us by people who have no interest in any integration or acceptance of Western values at all. Thisforeboding garment isconfrontational, intimidating and, as there is no mention of it in any ‘holy book’, bears no religious significance whatsoever.
For the women who dress in this manner to consider themselves ‘upset’ or ‘offended’ by Boris referring to them as resembling ‘letterboxes’ and ‘bank robbers’ is pretty rich, when many of them have been utterly scathing and downright insulting with their public accusations of ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ toward any Western women who deems to wear clothing that may reveal some part of their anatomy slightly above the knee or elbow.
Most of these women wear this shapeless attire at the behest of their men, who are so insecure in their relationships, and so jealous and distrustful of their peers, they simply can’t risk any randy rival taking a shine and delivering the ultimate insult by possibly running off with their missus. To my way of thinking, as long as it doesn’t incite rioting or undue hardship, we should be allowed to voice any opinions we desire.
Our Western values are slowly but surely being eroded and gagged by this ridiculous political correctness, which to me increasingly appears to be totally one-sided and biased against our Western communities.
This is how we are all being thanked for extending the hand of friendship and welcome to the diversity and cultures of distant lands. Well I’ve got another phobia which is moving nearer to my heart by the day. It’s called Westernophobia. And I for one am utterly sick and tired of it. The sooner those, who think they can change our society and proud historical heritage by running slipshod over all we hold near and dear, begin to realise we will never succumb to their endeavours, the better it will be for all concerned.
Many happy returns to my wonderful twins David and Rebecca who reached the ripe old age of eighteen this week. Where did it all go I ask myself? Have a great day. Love ya both to bits. xxx
Keep the faith.
Love Leapy
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Leapy Lee

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    • Elaine moat

      21 June 2020 • 10:50

      After reading your article in the paper, The UK IS NOT THE USA, I could not agree with you more, you have printed everything I have thought and I hope a lot more people are waking up and thinking the same, thank you,


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