Why are we conned?

ONLINE: Why does everything have to be such a chore? Photo: Shutterstock

WHY do I feel like the unluckiest punter in the world sometimes?
As you all know, because everything is done online now and you have to give your email details to book flights, hotels, car hire etc. the companies keep all your information and then start sending you offers.
This is OK except none of the offers ever apply to me. I never qualify for any of them. Flights are to places I don’t want to go and car hire is at a time of year I don’t want to travel.
The same applies to hotels. They dangle carrots all the time. PayPal send me stuff for discounts I don’t want or need. I never get free delivery on Amazon because although it’s offered, when you check you find out you have to spend €50 and my order comes to €20 and I’m not going to spend €30 more to save €4.
Not one offer I am sent have I ever been able to use. So, what I’m doing now is unsubscribing to all the mailing lists so I don’t get the hump anymore.
On the subject of offers and car hire my pal asked me if I knew any decent car hire places here and, as he was busy, could I look for one for him. Wow, what a minefield of con artists are out there. I saw one for about €50 for a week.
I thought it was silly cheap so I delved a bit deeper. Lo and behold it was an impossible price. Firstly, you had to pay for a full tank of fuel and bring it back empty and if you don’t there’s no refund so that could cost you an extra €20 – 30. Then there is the extra insurance because you’re not covered for this or that. This is a real killer because they hold back about €1000 on your credit card. When I read some reviews for this particular company so many people said they had a problem getting their deposit back because this firm came up with reasons like there was a scratch that wasn’t there before and as the person hiring hadn’t had the foresight to take pictures of the car beforehand, they couldn’t prove otherwise.
Why does everything have to be such a chore? Yeah, I know, once you find the right one it’s all fine but why do we have to be conned all the time?
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Mike Senker

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