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I have heard it all now! Apparently the latest on-point fashion pairing is sandals and …wait for it …socks!

I was firmly of the belief that this was a satorial crime in the same league as double-denim and mullets. However, it would seem that wearing woolly foot mittens under your flip flops is now very chic.

I am told (by those who note this kind of thing) that last summer Beckham, Bieber and Kanye were all snapped pool-side sporting this latest fad.

In times gone by someone wearing socks at the pool or beach was usually a sign of raging sunburnt feet being protected from further damage. Now, it seems, it is a fashion statement soooo 20/20 darhling.

The decent weather in the UK during the Easter weekend had Londoners parading their sweaty paws in S&S (socks and sandals) and the trend has continued despite the return of Britain’s normal grey, cold temperatures. I predict goose-bumpy calves will be the next thing en vogue in Blighty.

Now, I can see the advantage of not having to ever have a pedicure, or even cut your toes nails if you favour the Howard Hughes approach to personal hygiene. I can even applaud the covering up of feet which (let’s be honest) are normally quite ugly things. I bet even Elle ‘The Body’ McPherson has the odd wonky toe or bulging bunion. I always thought webbed feet – a la ducks or swans – were more attractive. But shoving even a half decent shaped foot into knitted condom during the height of summer is another victory of so-called style over sense.

Personally I hate wearing socks at any time – never mind with sandals. Left to my devices I would go barefoot like Mowgli all the time. Clearly I would get the evil eye from Alessandro Michele, head guru designer at Gucci, for it is he that we can thank for this latest piece of fashion folly. His spring/summer show featured a male model in spike-studded flat sandals and a pair of mint-green ribbed socks. I can see that taking off big time down Magaluf at the beach rugby tournament!

Its such a shame that my dad didn’t live long enough to see his favourite summer style coming into fashion!

On a different note, if you are in Binissalem on Saturday 1st June – or you can make an effort to go there – please support the Fiesta Solidaria Aspanob for children with cancer. There will be food, drinks, entertainment and live music from the fab band We R Coming.  it is on from 2pm till 8pm and entrance is free.

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