Marbella Cleaner Making 75 Euros An Hour!

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With employment hard to come by in Spain for British workers an entrepreneur has found a slightly different way to make ends meet!
For many of us, cleaning is a chore that we would prefer to avoid at all costs but – if you have a liberal attitude to nudity – then you could get paid a great wage to do it.
The Naked Cleaning Company have posted job adverts on Facebook and look to recruit people of ”all shapes and sizes” to clean houses. The only catch is you have to be naked!
The unique cleaning provider say they have ”naturist beliefs” and ”are a highly sought after company with a team of professional staff.”
With an attractive rate of £65 an hour this could a dream job if you are over 18 and are comfortable cleaning a strangers house completely naked.
The post, on the Company Facebook page reads:
“Our teams are our best assets to the company. We encourage our cleaners to take responsibility of each cleaning job they undertake so the highest of standards are achieved.
The rates for our naked cleaning service is £65 per hour with a minimum booking time  one hour.
Earlier today we decided to call and speak to a naked cleaner , Alexandra 38, who revealed the secrets of the trade.
Alexandra from Worcester who resides part time in Marbella , said: “My husband would definitely say I was a nudist but I would just say I feel very natural naked. I have no problems with getting naked anywhere.
I was very much raised with lots of siblings. We had baths together, ran around naked. It made sense because we’d only be jumping around in mud and getting dirty the next minute, or whatever.
I saw the job advertised and just thought to myself why don’t you go and do this? the money looked fantastic and would help me fulfil my dream of living in Spain.
“I asked my husband , thinking he wouldn’t agree , but he said crack on the money looks great and you are always naked everywhere in the house, you might as well get paid for it!”
So we asked Alexandra ” how do you get interviewed for the role do you have to strip off?”
Alexandra replied “I had a naked Skype interview, sent some naked pictures by email. Part of the conversation was to make sure I was comfortable with the job and knew what the rules were. I understood that, if anyone gets out of line, I needed to call a lady called Wendy, I signed up there and then and waited for my first job. The first client they sent me to was someone who booked before. They let me know that so I would feel comfortable. He ended up being a regular client having 3 cleans a week.”
Alexandra went on to explain “The rules are very strict and each client is firmly informed of the rules, We won’t get upset and we understand the clients reaction to a nude female’s body. However, they should respect us and our personal space. We do not represent or provide sexual services and our nude cleaning services should not be treated as a sexual experience”
Alexandra then went on to explain her new life pattern, ” My husband and I have bought through the proceeds a lovely apartment just outside Marbella where we spend a lot of time now, I hop on a cheap flight for a few days back to the UK and try and do six appointments a day that rakes me in £400 a day plus tips, I do a 3 day stint of cleaning normally but stay until I’ve made at least £1,000 then return back to Marbs and hubby”
So there we are, if you are looking for an excellent income whilst residing in Spain and don’t mind popping home for a little polishing and cleaning could this job be for you?
You would imagine deeply sun tanned cleaners are highly sought?


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George Stephens


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