Police injured in Novelda whilst arresting an aggressive man

COMMENDATION: Four Local Police officers from Bereta will be recognised for saving a life. CREDIT: Shutterstock (file pic)

Three policemen were injured in Novelda whilst trying to subdue an aggressive man. The detainee has previous criminal records for attempted homicides and viciously insulted the clients of a bar.
Local Police and Guardia Civil had to arrest a threatening man who put the public in grave danger. Events unfolded on Capellán Margall Street and the offender seemed to be under the influence of drugs when he began insulting clients at a local bar.

Police were called and the arrestee proceeded to scream death threats at them. Upon seeing that the large man was highly aggressive, backup was called and four patrol cars arrived at the scene. The aggressor hit officers fiercely whilst his partner attempted to calm him down. Three officers suffered minor injuries but one had to be transferred from Novelda health centre to the Hospital of Elda. He was finally handcuffed and now faces judicial repercussions. The man has a criminal record and has already served a conviction for attempted murder.
Guardia Civil has also arrested three Spanish men in Elda and Novelda as the alleged perpetrators of fraud, forgery of private documents and threats. The men modified two checks and changed the amount and the receiving company, to illegally collect €94.000. All three are now free with charges.