Ms Stafford who says cannabis has saved her life

As we see today advert after advert mainly on social media – offering cannabis oil and claims of how it treats pain and symptoms and being stated as a prevention for disease here is the story of 19 year old Lucy Stafford.

Lucy has been in extreme pain and has had numerous surgeries to combat the debilitating effects of a rare medical condition

Since paying privately for cannabis oil, which costs her £800 a month, Lucy’s pain has reduced so much that she has stopped taking all prescribed medicine and has gone on to start university.

Here in her own words, she tells how cannabis oil (CBD) has saved and transformed her life!


I have a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which basically means by body cannot produce collagen correctly.

The connective tissues in my joints and my stomach and my bladder – and all of my internal organs – are much more hyper-mobile and flexible than they should be, making them not very good at functioning and extremely painful.

As part of my condition, I dislocate my joints very easily without trauma. So I can dislocate my shoulder by brushing my hair, or dislocate my hip by rolling over in bed – causing a huge amount of pain.

Gary went onto explain ” it’s all legal and above board but the biggest frustration is the likes of Google & Bing block us reaching out to people to assist them as advertising is banned on their platforms- they block something that is totally legal”
” I feel they are working with the pharmaceutical companies who I’m sure are concerned about their profits as this cheap natural pain relief  would really affect them”
” I have thousands of returning customers who swear by my oils – so it must work or they wouldn’t come back for more” he claimed.
Adamson went on to say “look at the Lucy story – incredible – that’s though just one example of hundreds in reality, I supply people ranging from arthritis right through sadly to cancer and whilst I don’t claim it cures it – the pain relief with a strong percentage oil certainly relieves the pain”
Finally Gary said ” I do though think the market needs regulating more as I see so much poor oil being offered”