Sonic Sergio Spain’s Fastest Police Officer Hits Full Pace As He Chases And Captures Two Muggers In Spain

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Two Spanish muggers met their match when they tried to run from Spanish police officers.

Although after their latest mugging they had blown it as they ran to freedom  because one of the police officers was a record holding athlete sprinter!

The muggers had mugged a man who held a bag containing around 4,000 euros in bank notes as the man had just left a bank in the southern city of Seville Spain.

The victim  quickly called the  police and told them that the muggers had taken off in a car, but they soon dumped their car as police chased and took off on foot,  before the speedy cop took to his rapid legs and went into sprint mode at a serious pace.

“The suspects, who had just stolen more than 3,000 euros in Seville, didn’t know that one of the local police officers who was chasing them was a world-record-holding relay runner, and a Spanish champion with a European master’s record for 400 meters,” the police services in Seville said in a tweet.

The officer, nicknamed by fellow officers as Sonic Sergio is rapid over 200 metres holing many records for his fast pace.

“You’ve had a bit of bad luck, Amigo” Sergio told one of the collared crooks as he cuffed the pair of them.

Well done Sonic Sergio! 

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George Stephens


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