The Axarquia celebrates local Olive Oil in Velez Malaga

CHALLENGING: The Axarquia’s green olive oil provides very low profits.

The museum in Velez Malaga is hosting a series of activities in honour of the local olive oil. For the third consecutive year, the municipality is hosting the ‘Oil Month’, that pays homage the green olive oil of Periana.
Councillor for Culture, Cynthia Garcia, presented the event and highlighted activities including workshops, tastings. Guided visits to educate on the historical wealth and properties of extra virgin olive oil will also be carried out.
Garcia indicated that the Muvel museum had become a dynamic space and explained that the Oil Month contributed greatly to the municipality’s gastronomy and historical patrimony. The Councillor added that green olive oil and the groves it comes from, compose much of the Axarquia’s landscape. She also pointed out that the production and profitability of the oil is low, stressing that public administrations should support its consumption.