Low Cost Flight Prices Expected To Hike Up In Price To Spain As Spanish Government Plans To Add Taxes

Flight prices are set to rise further as the Spanish Government are set to introduce new taxes that include air transport tax on all flights into Spain as well as the holiday islands.

The tax office known in Spain as the Hacienda have now published full details of the new tax plans on their website as they prepare to add the tax as law.

Low cost airlines who operate on low profit margins per passenger will be the most affected as the new tax laws come into place and will be left with no choice to increase fares to cover the implemented taxes proposed.

The Government feel the tax is correct and fair in the battle against the environmental global issues and the battle against climate change and the new laws are fully in line with European directions from the commission that have been recommended.

The new tax laws can be found on the website at www.hacienda.gob.es

Other new tax laws implemented involve single use plastic products as the Spanish government tackle that issue.

Local finance advisor Paul Gregory who is a frequent flyer from Torreblanca  gave us his views he said: : It’s bad timing for expats – flights are already being reduced due to the Coronavirus which is seeing flight prices affected and rising, adding a new tax now will only see further price increases and I feel it’s bad timing at present, to save cost I will remain in the UK longer and not return as much meaning I will spend less of my wealth in Spain – it’s not been thought out correctly in my opinion”

” The last thing needed for the airlines right now is this as their stocks fall at present”