Man Stockpiles Up To 18K Hand Sanitizers – Selling Each For 70 Dollars on Amazon

Matt Colvin, from Chattanooga in Tenessee, bought 17,700 hand sanitizers with his brother on a 3-day spree once he was alerted to the first US fatality on March 1st.

He proceeded to sell them on Amazon for up to 70 dollars per bottle.  He is now being investigated for price gouging.

Mr. Colvin told the New York Times he had received a “huge amount of whiplash”.  The paper reported that on the very day Tennessee’s attorney general opened a case against Mr. Colvin he claimed he would donate goods now.

When you have people in Italy trying to buy only essential items in a show of solidarity and making life easier for the elderly, it beggars belief that this crook could do something so entirely heartless.

Online companies are trying hard to crack down on nefarious characters selling coronavirus items at inflated prices. In this case, hand sanitizers are a much-needed item for the vulnerable aged and the people of Tennessee are outraged.

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Lisa Burgess