Learn Spanish From Home While On LockDown In The Costa Del Sol And Spain

Why not learn Spanish from home while we are all in lockdown?  Last year, I had to spend much more time than anticipated at home and I realized I could use my time more fruitfully by improving my Spanish.

I hadn’t learned Spanish since I was a child so I investigated different ways to improve my language skills.  I fell upon Duo Lingo and installed it as an app on my phone.

I started out with basic words, and trust me the Spanish word for apple which is “manzana” features heavily at the beginning.  You can start from the very beginning with Duo Lingo and progress each day.  I spent about 45 minutes a day on it and it kept my mind occupied.

Other tips for learning Spanish faster are taking the bold move of starting to speak to Spanish people but you can’t do that in the current circumstances.  During lockdown why don’t you find a Spanish friend who wants to learn English and message each other penpal style?

My best tip for learning Spanish has to be using the subtitles on Netflix.  Either watch a program in Spanish with English subtitles or vice versa.  You will be amazed at how many Spanish words you pick up unwittingly.

When we come out of lockdown you can unleash everything you have learned during the lockdown, on your Spanish friends and in your daily life in Spain.

For my first year here, I really didn’t understand at the supermarket checkout when they said “bolsa” meaning “bag”.  Duo Lingo changed all of that and I can now manage a full-blown conversation in Spanish – it has made me connect better with the Spanish and its magnificent culture.

Good luck all or “buena suerte a todos” as they say in Spain.


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Written by

Lisa Burgess