UK TV Presenter Gulps Back Tears Interviewing Terminal Cancer Victim – Latest UK Govt Advice For Cancer Sufferers

Sky News presenter, Stephen Dixon, was visibly upset this Sunday morning having interviewed a lady with terminal cancer.  Sky News had to cut to an ad break as the emotional presenter gulped back tears and he struggled to maintain his composure after the ads.

The British lady, Lin Dalton from Solihull, was interviewed on Skype and sadly has three to four months to live.  She will be having her family over for Mother’s Day as she said she believed “it would be her last”.

She continued by saying “I have wonderful children and extended family. I am trying to find activities inside my home.  I am focusing on the next few days. What has kept me going has been focusing on the shorter term.  That’s what helped me”.

The latest advice from the UK government is for all cancer sufferers, asthmatics and those with respiratory problems to self isolate for 12 weeks.  1.5 million UK citizens with underlying conditions are expecting to receive a letter in the post regarding advice.

We extend our sympathy to Ms. Dalton and applaud her bravery.  Stephen Dixon does a wonderful job keeping people’s spirits up most mornings, in this instance, he only proved he was thoroughly human.

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