Mercy dash breaking lockdown rules as residents in Fuengirola Costa del Sol race to save 6 dolphins whilst chased by cops

Fuengirola residents dash to save a pod of dolphins on the Costa del Sol defying lockdown laws as cops chase.

Drama just broke out on the sea front of Fuengirola when local residents Lottie and Gary Adamson witnessed from their balcony a pod of six dolphins get stranded on the sands of Fuengirola beach.

As Gary dashed to the beach knowing that it was six dolphins in trouble, Lottie called pals who also live on the seafront to assist and they also rushed to the scene running down the paseo, which alerted patrolling police cars on patrol from both directions.

The pals, kept running knowing Gary needed assistance to save the dolphins’ lives and ignored the police who had their sirens now blaring.

The three men started to splash the dolphins with water and holding them for rest in swimming positions in the water fully clothed due to the mercy dash as cops rushed down to the beach who then realised why the residents had flouted the lockdown rules and assisted also in repatriating the beautiful mammals back to the sea.

A further two cop cars arrived after reports had come in of both residents and cops on the beach that had been picked up by a drone and the further officers assisted.

The police thanked the three quick witted pals who saved the dolphins’ lives and said it wasn’t an issue they were flouting lockdown as dolphins are a protected species.

The three pals, Steve, Gary and Mark, told the Euro Weekly News of events:

Gary said “Lottie spotted the dolphins, they were clearly in trouble, I had no choice to run and shouted to Lottie, quick ring Steve and Mark, I got to the beach first and started trying to rescue one, and all I could hear behind me was wailing sirens, but I had to carry on, I got the first one to swim away and then the lads turned up so we could start on another three, the lads were panting hard and then behind them was the cops who quickly realised we were not messing about on the beach but saving life.”

Pal Steve said “I got the call, looked out and could see Gary would have trouble on his own, dolphins are heavy so off I charged down the paseo, not long after I could tell the cops were coming up behind and they blasted the siren once, I thought sod it, keep running and I then saw Mark running down in a different direction with cops chasing him as well, it was a like a Starsky and Hutch movie as we leapt the wall and charged to the beach front with cops chasing us, but they soon spotted when we got on the beach why we were running at a pace, the cops were brilliant fair play and helped us as there were six dolphins in total, I’m knackered now mind, it was hell of a run,” he laughed with also a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile Scotsman Mark Sutherland said: “Steve had the head start on me as I got the second call but he’s old so I soon caught him up, it was a bit hairy though knowing the cops were chasing us, I just prayed they could see where we were heading and what for, thankfully they did use common sense rather than thinking we were up to naughties.”

The Euro Weekly News can confirm that all six dolphins made it back into the rough waters and swam away successfully thanks to the three lads and the police.



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George Stephens


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