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If this week’s missive runs the risk of getting yet another accusation of racism from our, (non-Chinese speaking!), Hong Kong ‘journalist’- so be it.
As it happens, my gripe is not with the Chinese people themselves – the vast majority of whom have been utterly brainwashed for years – but with their bunch of dictatorial communist leaders. Savage despots, that not only rule them all with a rod of iron but are also prepared to go to any lengths to prove that their method of government is the correct one. These Red Party leaders are in fact at this very moment pestering the world health authorities to refrain from calling this latest virus the ‘Chinese Virus’.

To add insult to injury, and gauging the rest of the world’s gullibility by their own downtrodden citizen’s standards, they are actually trying to blame others for this vicious pandemic of death – which undoubtedly began in Wuhan area of their country. Whether it was from one of their despicable, cruel and utterly repulsive ‘live animal markets’, or leaked from some experimental laboratory, is irrelevant. The postings on social media, which they try so hard to suppress, has more than proved to the free-thinking world that they knew about this virus long before the knowledge was finally made public. We know of at least two young Medical practitioner whistleblowers, which were suppressed and later ‘conveniently’ died of the virus.

They also must have known more than the rest of us when they hastily erected two hospitals containing four thousand beds all those weeks ago. No, I’m afraid these arrogant officials would rather put millions of lives in jeopardy than lose face, and have now proved to the world just how dangerous they actually are. Not only have they had the gall to try and shift the blame onto others, but have set their zombie-like workforce the task of manufacturing millions of protective and medical testing apparatus – to actually sell to people suffering and dying from the very malady they have inflicted. Plus, to make matters even worse, the first huge batches of these materials are actually of dubious quality. A bit like most of the rubbish they have been foisting on us through the utterly substandard tacky shops, that have sprouted like bean shoots over the last few years.

Well, when it’s all over, I for one would like to see them issue an acceptance of responsibility along with an unmitigated public apology. Right now, once they’ve got it right, they are morally obliged to manufacture and export vast quantities of medical equipment, free to the world they have blighted with their horrifying virus. It has just come to my attention they have, almost beyond belief, actually reopened a number of the live animal market. You really couldn’t make it up. No, the communist leaders of the Chinese nation have a lot to answer for and in the future must be brought firmly to book by the free-thinking world.

Keep the faith,
Love Leapy

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Leapy Lee

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