Stranded Holidaymaker To Spain’s Costa del Sol arrested and prepared for deportation with likely life ban to Spain

Spain’s Costa del Sol sees stranded holidaymaker arrested for flouting and social media comments against the establishment

EARLIER this week we reported on a Peter Webb from Malaga who turned to social media to clearly demonstrate how he was flouting at Malaga Airport and posting images, which brought about many calls for lockdown to end immediately.

Article and comments here

Webb who was renting an apartment in Malaga after being stranded on a visit to watch Malaga CF took to the airport to flout which he posted on Social media’s We Chat, to which many comments left readers and expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol outraged.

Comments after the article flew into the Euro Weekly News:

“What’s wrong with these people, they’re adults and ought to behave like adults. So what if you have a business in Spain, like the government you should have been prepared and not run your business so that it can’t stand being closed for a couple of months. Lives are more important,” said one reader.

“Sorry but the governments are correct with keeping the lockdown going especially with tourists. Who wants to fly abroad with people that could still have the virus. All over the world someone has done something wrong with the way this KILLER VIRUS has been dealt with. I work in the pub/restaurant industry and will probably not be back at work for some time yet. You all need to take care,” said Gail Watkins.

“I agree Gail. This all has an understandably, altruistic ring to it. No doubt the expat business owners were still open for business in mid March when advised they had to isolate since February ?! I have my sympathies, but that is why the lockdown should continue because commercial greed got us here in the first place,” said another reader.

“True, Sanchez should be sacked, but the airport has to remain closed. I would rather have my country safe than having your business open, mate. There are more people in the same situation and staying at home. Don’t be a little kid,” said Fredrick Waltz.

“LOL what a bunch of idiots! Open up too early, infections rise again, more deaths. Brilliant!!!” Robert Fawkes.

Whilst the blatant flouting and comments made expats furious, it appears some went further and reported Peter Webb to the authorities and he has according to his friend Carl Curtis been arrested and detained for deportation.

Curtis who was travelling and rooming with Webb told the Euro Weekly News:

“That night after he came back from Malaga Airport, just before midnight we had a large banging on the apartment door and behind it was at least eight officers and two plain clothes, they arrested Pete and took him away. He’s been charged for flouting, but he’s also being held for deportation he told me in a phone call from the nick and he reckons he will be banned from ever returning to Spain. Since that phone call I haven’t heard from him but I know he called family members and they are dealing with the British Embassy In Malaga they said.”