Setting New Records Across Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca As The Euro Weekly News Goes Through The 10 Million Barrier!

Spain’s largest media outlet the Euro Weekly News with offices across Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have set more records in their 21st anniversary month.

THE media outfit who already deliver the most expat free newspapers across Spain, delivering the most pages of news and information, have broken a new record with their website as they adapt to the digital word, in the month of April they delivered over 10 MILLION page views on their website x 2.5 more than any other expat website across Spain. Over 7 MILLION sessions took place with over 4 MILLION users, that took to the website in April alone feeding the expats in Spain the freshest and latest news as well as Spain lovers across the globe seeking news of what’s taking place in Spain.

The website in April grabbed the attention of all the leading UK media outlets who also fed the latest news across the world supplied by the Euro Weekly News, titles such as The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Star as well as many other titles who all linked Spain’s largest website to their news feeds blowing away all competition.

As local small competitors claimed yesterday of just 4.1 million page views being a feat, the Euro Weekly News just drove to month end to see their figures, which were analysed by Google themselves revealing nearly 11 million as midnight approaches on April 30.

Whilst other brands ask for donations from the expat community to support their journalists, at the Euro Weekly News the digital dream team just crack on delivering the latest and breaking news for others to copy.

The digital dream team is led by the co owners, Michel and Steven Euesden, who this week both celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary as well as the 21st birthday of their established brand alongside son Benjamin and members of the team such as longstanding Director Of Operations, Nicki Burgess.

The office management and team then operate with their ‘dream team’ of dynamic journalists and reporters based across Europe who all play a vital role in reporting the latest news across Spain and the rest of Europe, where in the busy world of media of the UK is listed by Alexa as the 97th busiest website in the whole country.

Burgess leads her ‘dream team’ who consist of a vibrant membership who are dedicated to delivering you the readers and users live news 24/7 every hour of the day.


Lizzie Day who reports from Manchester, covers all the UK latest and breaking news for expats in Spain who wish to read the news from home, ensuring expats are delivered it promptly and fast at all times.

Dynamic Lizzie Day.

Lizzie, who has a BA honours degree studied in Manchester University before joining the Euro Weekly News and said about her role “It gives me a great buzz to serve the news for the most dynamic website and newspaper in Spain, but more importantly getting the news out quicker than UK brands such as Sky News, to the expats in Spain.

“Hitting nearly 11 million this month, I’m very proud to be apart of the achievement with my team members.”


Long Established John Smith.

John Smith is a long established journalist for the Euro Weekly News of many years who has adapted to the digital world with immense success, with articles now being read all over the world that he produces. John commonly known as ‘Smithy’ amongst his team said “I’ve never known such hard working people as Michel Euesden and Nicki Burgess and they are a delight to work with, if it wasn’t for them we would never have hit anywhere near the 11 million mark, at my age I never thought I would pick up with the digital world but with all the assistance from Nicki, it got me there and now my articles are amazingly read globally! – I would never have dreamed that a few years ago, I’m going to celebrate tonight with a lovely bottle of wine here in Estepona.”


Gorgeous Tara ‘Dora’ Rippin.

Tara who for many years worked on the weekly newspaper in the Fuengirola Euro Weekly News offices before following love to the Costa Blanca from where she now reports, picked up the nickname ‘Dora’ for her inability to use anything technical in the digital world as it progressed, as her teammates often remind her, but Tara’s determination to learn the ‘modern way’ saw her in April produce and publish the third biggest month’s article that received over 215,000 viewers from around Spain and the globe that was reproduced by the Sun and Daily Mail newspapers as well as many others.

Tara said “If you asked me I would never have believed it, just three months ago I would have said no way, but I’m really proud of our achievements as a team, Nicki has really driven us on over the last six months and we have become the largest expat website in Spain which is fantastic and I am proud of that even though they still call me Dora!”


Cathy ‘the rock’ Elelman.

Cathy is known amongst her team members as ‘the rock’ as she remains cool, calm and collected even during times when breaking news unfolds everywhere around the world. Cathy though mainly reports on all the latest news around Almeria as well as far as Mallorca and the other Spanish islands, but is always on call to adapt to any region.

She said on the latest Euro Weekly News achievements “It’s been a fantastic and enjoyable ride going from just a newspaper reporter to a digital media stream reporter as well in such a short period of time becoming Spain’s number one feeder of the news on the worldwide web, I’m looking forward to hitting the 15 million mark next month as we expand even further.”


Methodical Sam as she’s known to her teammates.

Samantha reports for the Euro Weekly News from Cardiff, South Wales as she covers Spanish national and local news as well as informing readers of what’s the latest news in the UK. Known to her teammates as ‘methodical Sam’ as she’s known as a deep thinker and never allows anything to phase her, Samantha was delighted by today’s latest feat by the Euro Weekly News but as always took it in her stride as she said “Well I knew it would happen when I joined the EWN because they have always been dedicated, for 21 years now, so it hasn’t surprised me at all really. I do laugh though at those who knock us on times, not the readers but the other titles such as The Olive Press, why they don’t just concentrate on their business I don’t know instead of throwing cheap shot digs like calling us ‘Euro Trash’ but that’s just tacky really and not professional, but if it makes them feel better, so be it, it gives us a giggle anyway whilst we just strive forward for our readers and market. We strive to be professional and just focus on our business, with 11 million articles being read on our website per month and still growing, that’s all I focus on, deliverance for our readers, that’s all thats important.”


Pepi ‘Pepsi Max’ Sappal.

Pepi is one of the latest team members to the digital crew of the Euro Weekly News, who came in February this year to bolster and improve further the digital team excelling those she replaced at the time. Quickly nicknamed ‘Pepsi’ on arrival, she has driven to the max literally covering all news from region to regions, well all national big news that clearly interests EWN readers, in her first month in March, she took top article of the month with an amazing 298,000 readers of one of her first articles. Pepi is a night owl on the 24/7 news desk starting at around 4pm and still scribing at 3am ensuring readers the latest up- to-date developments at all times.

Pepsi said tonight on the latest achievements of the Euro Weekly News “There’s no egos in this team, there are none in this team at all, we just go out under the leadership of Nicki and deliver and of course the gaffer Michel is always on hand too during the day and evening as well as adding her media experience, she, Michel and Nicki are a true inspiration of leadership and work ethics and they truly care about each and every reader.”


George, is the younger brother of Samantha and Lizzie Day and is the youngest reporter at the Euro Weekly News at just 20 years old but already extremely experienced in the art of reporting with an eye to detail after learning from his teammates on the news desk. George is an avid West Ham supporter as well as reporting the news live on the web, loves to turn his hand to the many sports stories that frequent the back pages of the paper edition (when sport is actually taking place).

George said tonight “I’m really enjoying myself right now, despite being on self isolation for four months, reporting the news for EWN readers has given me something to really focus on and its a delight to deliver the news to readers in Spain and around the world to nearly 11 million viewers in April.”


As the EWN went digital, Alex couldn’t even use a modern mobile phone let alone comprehend writing news articles online instantly despite his years at the BBC as a journalist, but after several weeks of training from Ms Burgess he’s now well up to speed covering all the latest news in the last month online, often bolstering top numbers with truly fantastic articles that are already being launched across the globe vis the worldwide web, “I’m amazed how quickly I have taken to it, I never thought the digital game would be for me, I’ve amazed myself, let alone anyone else, the gaffer Michel rings me every morning as I’m a known late starter singing “We are the champions” and that boosts me to hit the keyboard and delight our readers.”

Damon Mitchell

Damon, the roving reporter who looks more like something from a 1980’s scene of Top Of The Pops with his swashbuckling stride and leather clad look as he struts the office, but when it comes to an interview he’s better than Jonathan Ross and Piers Morgan combined, whilst looking like the lead singer of Depeche Mode!

You can’t miss the swagger and personality of this roving reporter who is often on the streets of Fuengirola catching the news first before anyone else and bringing it to the readers both online and the following newspaper.  Damon said tonight “I believed and knew our Captain Nicki Burgess would push us forward to deliver the website numbers, whilst all the above are trained journalists coming out of top universities, I was really in a band, despite my teammates pulling my leg, albeit it wasn’t Depeche Mode!”


Laura Taylor, after years in University studying before collecting her BA Honours and Masters Degree walked into the EWN offices for an interview and was an immediate hit, to which she has excelled instantly delivering many a top story, with her highest reaching 175,000 views on just one article. Laura said tonight  “The minute I walked into the EWN offices I knew it was the place for me, after Uni I needed to find a media outlet to work for, I visited many papers for interviews prior, but when the EWN offered me an interview, I was delighted and even more delighted when I got the role straight away, hired on a Friday and already writing by Saturday morning – it’s no wonder we lead the market with response times like that,” she joked.

But the EWN hasn’t stopped there and won’t rest on its laurels as Ayah joins the team.

Ayah who’s already written a best selling book, joins the team for May and said:

“I’m really looking forward to giving the readers more news and more web visits in the month of May to the EWN, at the end of the day I’m joining a great team who clearly are the leaders in Spain, my only worry is what nickname the Captain will give me?”

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