The W.H.O say Avoid the three ‘C’s

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Ok so experts from all over the world, (and social media), have been giving us all the advice we need to survive the Coronavirus outbreak

Right from the beginning we have been told this by one expert and something else by another expert, and it’s all been terribly confusing, but is there someone who we should listen to because they know the actual facts?

Well the World Health Orginisation, you would think have a fair grip on what’s what, (even though they have been accused in some circles of actually being part of a conspiracy to start the pandemic in the first place!), and I will admit they have some interesting people as big time donators to their orginisation.

However, they do know their nuts as the saying goes and they have released the latest easy to follow rules to help avoid becoming infected.

WHO guidelines. Pic: Facebook

They call this the three “C’s, and they are places where Covid-19 spreads more easily and are as follows:

  1. Crowded places, these are to be avoided if possible
  2. Close contact settings, especially where close conversations are taking place
  3. Confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation

The risk becomes even higher if you are in an area where the above places overlap, so what should we all do?

Obviously as has been the case since day 1, washing your hands frequently is a definite, we should also where possible open windows and doors to allow good ventilation, maintain social distancing, different governments are saying different distances, but the WHO recommends no less than 1 meter apart.

If you are unwell, self-isolate and get medical attention.

Oh and of course the wearing of masks, The WHO are being quite coy about this one as they are saying you should wear one if requested or if physical distancing is not possible, but it’s interesting to note that they did want the wearing of masks to be mandated at the beginning of the pandemic, and now they say that they don’t actually do much good, and we don’t need to wear them.

I suppose they are just covering their backs in case of lawsuits later!

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