Is it not time to get our priorities in order?

People Trafficking Ring Dismantled in Spain’s Costa del Sol

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Every headline you see these days is about the BLM (Black Lives Matter), or Covid-19, or whether to wear a mask or not 

Everywhere seems to have forgotten that there are other more important things happening in the world today, and especially with the full on argument about black slavery, and reparations for things that happened before the lifetime of a single person on the planet it struck me that we should be concentrating on the kind of slavery that is happening today, right now, and not on ancient history.

Look I am not saying that the original reasons that the BLM came about are not valid, I am not saying that in cases of race there shouldn’t be equality and equity, I am saying though that we are being swayed off the targets that we should be aiming at by, (and I am sorry to say this), people who are for the most part in the media not because of what they are ramming down the public’s throats but for the underlying and hidden agendas of profit, power, and politics.

Were you aware that Slavery is going on right now?  And it is definitely not something that is confined to race or colour or creed, or age, or gender.

People trafficking, and paedophile child trafficking are just two areas that are massive and are billion euro industries, today, now, and possibly in your neighborhood.

The fight is strong with the authorities, but we don’t see anything but the big headline stories occasionally to show how bad this insidious business actually is.

To give you an Idea of the size of this modern day slave trade, I have compiled (Just from headlines all over the world, a list of what has been achieved by the authorities in the last 30 days.

That’s important, this is all in a 30 day period, (The last 30 Days).

With that in mind, and the authorities admitting that they are fighting hard but barely scratching the surface of what’s out there, you can imagine what is actually happening.

So take a deep breath and read on, here is the list, (oh and remember these are just the ones I managed to find last night, there will be hundreds more I would imagine that I have missed.

All within the past 30 days. 

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested (Jeffery Epstein’s girlfriend/accomplice) who is cooperating with officials & has proof of a global elite pedophile & human trafficking ring

UK – Massive Global pedophile ring bust – 31 children rescued, 700 suspects being investigated

Germany – investigating 30,000 potential suspects in a pedophile ring116 human traffickers arrests, 1489 victims rescued

Florida: 6 arrested in a human trafficking bust, 5 women rescued

Pennsylvania : 8 men arrested part of a human trafficking ring

Spain: 12 arrests, 1000 victims rescued

Italy: 10 arrested in sex trafficking ring

Washington: 11 charged in human trafficking ring

Georgia: 1 arrested, 2 girls rescued

Maryland – Baltimore businessman paid $90,000 to sex-trafficking operation, feds charge

Wayfair accused of being involved in human trafficking ring – over priced cabinets all named after missing children

Georgia – 25 arrests for human trafficking

Ohio – 9 arrested in connection to human Trafficking

Wisconsin – Milwaukee sex trafficking house burned down

Florida – 1 man arrested, 2 rescued

California – Man arrested for operating $21 million dollar international sex trafficking websites

Netherlands – 6 arrested after Dutch police discovered torture chambers

Kentucky – 1 arrested, 2 rescued

Virginia – 30 pedophiles arrested

Bangladesh – 52 busted human trafficking ring

Nevada – 2 men arrested for child trafficking 

Scotland – Dozens of arrests, 18 people rescued

Illinois – 14 pedophiles arrested

Massachusetts – 31 gang members arrested for murder, drug & sex trafficking

Belgium – 12 human traffickers arrested

Canada – 10 arrested, including a cop in human trafficking

London – 3 arrested, 11 slaves found during a raid at an industrial site

Florida – 17 arrested for child pornography & distribution including Disney employees

Malaysia- 18 police officers & army officials arrested for human trafficking

UK – 4 arrests, 10 rescued

Arizona – Adoption lawyer plead guilty to human trafficking

India – 67 women rescued

Indonesia – French man arrested For raping 300+ young girls

Romania – Dismantles Third Human Trafficking Ring in Four Days Last week in Romania

Uruguay- 21 arrested Project ocean Paedophile ring busted

Next time your complaining about masks, or a spot on the beach, or BLM, think for a second about the millions who are today, right now being abused, trafficked, and used as slaves who we could all try to help by protesting our governments to give funds to the respective authorities, and aid groups, instead of protesting about someone who was a slave owner hundreds of years ago.

Which is more important?  No really?






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