Fortified Protection: 3 Ways to Keep Burglars Away From Your Property

Fortified Protection: 3 Ways To Keep Burglars Away From Your Property

Your home is sacred. It is where you and your family resides, where memories and laughter are spread, and where you have stored your most prized possessions. While the home is a safe space for all family members, things can quickly turn grim if it is targeted by burglars.

Unwarranted entry into the house can not only defile the sanctity of a safe space but can also lead to a profound material loss in the form of cash, jewellrey, and other assets. While the threat of burglary can never be diminished entirely, some actionable steps can still be taken to deter naysayers that consider your house as a soft-target.

Deterring burglars isn’t as easy as buying a rifle and keeping it safely preserved in one of the recommended long gun safes. The actual goal is to deter the entry of burglars, rather than scaring them off with a gun, once they are in. Improving house security requires a perfect balance between robust infrastructure and tech-based safety solutions. If you are looking to fortify your defenses against any sort of unauthorised entry to your home, then you will find utility in these tips.

Fortify Points of Entry

This might sound like a cliche but most homeowners forget the importance of investing in security solutions for the points of entry. This includes both doors and windows. It is vital to invest in sophisticated locks for your doors and windows, as they become the front line soldiers against an unsolicited attack by burglars and robbers.

There are certain things to be mindful of when purchasing locks. First, these should be extra durable and resistant to a pin action. Not only will this deter attempts of hacking the lock, but will also buy you a significant amount of time because it takes a tough ordeal to crack. Door locks should also feature at least a 5-pin cylinder so that breaking in without a key becomes nearly impossible.

You can also invest in smart locks that come with a convenient app and tracks all instances of entry and exit. Even when you are not at home, you can be notified if there is an unwarranted entry and make an informed intervention at the right time.

Clean Security Equipment

If you have a security camera installed, or a door alarm that signifies the entry of a burglar, it is important to keep them in stellar visual condition. According to research, most burglars carry out extensive research before breaking into a house, and they evaluate on the basis of visual cues.

If your security equipment requires maintenance or hasn’t been cleaned in ages, then this quickly translates into the revelation that the owner might not be home, or just irresponsible. This can augment the chances of a potential break-in, hence it is essential to maintain and clean security equipment.

Install CCTV Cameras at a Visible Spot

This might just be the most important deterrent. If you are looking to invest in a CCTV security camera, then make sure that you install it at a visible spot. Burglars are scared to the core when it comes to CCTV cameras because there have been numerous instances in which cameras served as their bane. Law enforcement agencies, in multiple cases, have used footages to track and catch burglars.

This makes cameras potent deterrents. When burglars can view a camera installed outside a facility, they know that wishing evil to this house is out of the question.


As human beings, we crave security as a human right. Only when we feel secure can we stay productive, have meaningful interactions, and live an aspiring life. With the methods mentioned above, you can not only fortify the defenses of your house but also make sure that you live a life exclusive of the threat of burglary and unsolicited break-ins.

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