British gutter press sensationalistic headlines attempt to scare Brits away

What are you waiting for? Pic: MTC

We are all used to the headlines from the likes of the ‘Daily Fail’ in the UK telling us that there are ‘90,000,000 Romanians coming to take our jobs’ (from a country with under 20 million inhabitants), or ‘Prince Charles ate my mongoose!’, (When we all know that Charlie loves moussaka made with grouse, (that is actually true!), and wouldn’t ever touch a peasant’s pet!

IT is understandable with the way things are at the moment in the world that some of the red tops are headline grabbing to encourage people to stay in the UK and not go on ‘foreign’ holidays, it’s a bit of a godsend really for the racist, ‘little Britain’ media because it is allowing them to paint countries like Spain with a brush that can make it terrifying for potential holidaymakers who may want to travel, with scaremongering stories that say things like ‘Catalonia closed due to massive spike in coronavirus’ or ‘Beaches closed,’ ‘Masks to be worn at all times, (even in the bath!),’ or ‘Brits stay away from disease ridden Spanish Costas!’

But let’s have a look at what is actually going on in Spain and more directly at the Costas,  Today for example in the UK there were 12 deaths, and 580 new cases, bringing the totals to 45,318 deaths, and 296,000 confirmed cases. Spain has had eight deaths and 149 new cases, bringing the totals to 28,363 deaths, and and 249,659 confirmed cases, (tens of thousands lower than the UK).

Is this due to the firmer lockdown protocols that Spain has went through? Probably, and because of the stricter government here in Spain the numbers are definitely much, much better than in the UK, so yes we do have to wear our masks, and we have been much more dedicated to social distancing, even now we have to be careful when we go out to a bar or restaurant, or go to see a band, or go to the beach, or go to explore the wonderful countryside, or visit the white villages, or even just go shopping in the markets, or old towns, oh yes, we are allowed to do all these things, just like in normal times, (unlike what some trashy ill-educated stories from the British press would have you believe!), add to that the obvious delight of the sunshine, and there are actually no reasons whatever that people shouldn’t come over.

One big advantage I have seen is the beach protocols, social distancing has made it almost impossible to have beaches crowded to capacity in the way that we are used to in the summer, with barely a few inches between beds, or towels, and the sea full of people to the point you cannot move around. Social distancing has made going to the beach an absolute pleasure with room to stretch and breathe.

Scaremongering stories like the possibility of the air bridges being closed again between the UK and Spain, (or at least parts of Spain), are blown out of proportion as well, answer me this, if a country is visiting another with numbers lower than their own, what possible reason can there be for quarantine on return?

All scare tactics from the lowest of the low xenophobic, racist, and just plain lies media, who for the most part are only wanting to get the readership clicking on the stories and to keep their advertisers happy, and to hell with the truth.

Well here is the truth from someone who has lived on the Costa del Sol for 13 years.

The sun is shining, we are roasting over here, but not to worry because we can go to the beaches, which are the cleanest and most wonderful they have been in years, we can enjoy long cool cocktails with our friends, in the many restaurants, and bars that are all open for business, we can go out to clubs, and listen to live music, and enjoy tapas, or paella with a sangria at one of the hundreds of wonderful chiringuitos which are open all along the coastline.

There are protocols in place yes, (of course there are), but nothing that will spoil your holiday, there is less chance of you becoming infected here than in Britain, (that’s a fact Jack!), flights are coming and going regularly from all the airports, there are protocols in place for your protection all the way through the travel corridor, unlike some would tell you!

Taxis and public transport is all operating normally, (you just have to wear a mask that’s all). Hotels are open for business, and yes there are some small differences to keep everyone safe and happy, but no more than in the UK.

So please do not believe all the gutter press tell you, don’t be afraid to come over, you’re actually safer here than in the UK, and when you do come over and visit, after you go home, please tell your friends that the Spanish Costas are very much open for business.

I mean, which would you rather?

Overcrowded on one of the few nice days of the year
Pic: Instagram

Or this?

Stunning Nerja on the Spanish Southern Coast, Pic: Twitter

See you soon.



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Mark T Connor

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    • sean

      22 July 2020 • 19:57

      At last EWN – thank you xx
      The trouble makers causing trouble around the globe are the usual suspects…
      Its time for people to stand up..

    • John

      23 July 2020 • 00:34

      Please stop using the word racist to describe anything you don’t like. If the media are suggesting people don’t go to Spain it is not because they are ‘racist’. That word has become seriously undermined now such that most people are just bored of it because it does not have the impact it should when used properly because it is used for everything and anything. Patriotism is now racism, it seems, but only when the UK does it of course, everywhere else it is fine.

      Part of the reason people may not want to come to the Costa del Sol now is quite obviously the requirement to wear masks outdoors even when you are nowhere near anyone else. It is just common sense that if you are walking along the beach at 7:00am in the morning and you are the only one there then you do not need a mask. Yet in Spain you will be fined if caught. That’s just daft. And in a hot country with a baking hot sun, how many Brits want to wear a stifling hot muzzle on their holiday? Not much of a holiday. It is a shame more people do not understand this and just resort to name calling instead.

    • Ethel Read

      25 July 2020 • 08:53

      Stunning Nerja, to look at maybe. but it has a bad sewage problem and would certainly not like to swim there……..

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