Ridding the world of the myths and virus!

With coronavirus taking over the world once more, there has been lots of news about vaccines helping cure the virus. we will be vaccinating the world! There are many IFS and BUTS, although providing a vaccine that is usable will be used immediately.

Not only are we trying to rid the world of the virus but we are also ridding the world of the myths and virus! The World Health Organisation (WHO) are working on many variations of vaccinations, but there are only a small number being studied that are in ‘phase three’, which is the human trials. There aren’t many people that believe we will ever get back to our old ‘normal’ but a lot of people remain hopeful.

Over 2,000 volunteers are taking part in the trialling of the three most auspicious vaccinations. When swine flu hit the population back in 2009, scientists managed to create a vaccine, which was made in Africa. It was made too late, and the pandemic was already completely over. Scientists are hoping not to make the same error.

There have been many fallacies about the vaccine, most of these come from social media, and rumours people are hearing on the street. The coronavirus vaccine won’t be only focused on in the laboratories of scientists and doctors, they are also asking the public whether or not they will take an injection for the virus providing it is useful.

Some fallacies in South Africa include people spreading the rumour that the virus only kills white people, and the virus attacks people with money. They have said that the virus can see, hear and feel. This was told by a young 19-year-old student. The stories are told to try and make themselves feel better, and understand something that is inexplicable.

We live in a generation of conspiracy theorists, and with that come the rumours that the virus like stated above only affects white people, and that it was sent to Africa to decrease the population. Getting people to try the vaccine will be just as hard as understanding it, as many people are reserved, scared and disinterested in vaccination to cure COVID-19.

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