What is your feline friend telling you?

Have you ever wondered what your feline friend is trying to tell you?  Well, here is a guide to understanding your very peculiar animal.

Cats are very independent animals, and that’s a fact. The felines have very different ways of communicating their affections and feelings towards their owners. Cats scientifically have very few facial muscles and trying to read their actions can sometimes be tricky.

We have become accustomed to the way dogs show their affection by; jumping around, wagging their tails or licking, cats are just not like that. Cats tend to give off more subtle signs of affection. They are known to rub up against people’s body as a sign of love. They also show their love by sitting near people or meowing and purring. Cats can get used to being alone more than dogs can but felines do still miss their owners.

Talking to a dog usually means you get an excitable reaction and that is tail wagging and looking up at you. However, cats frequently turn around and look away from you when you are talking to them. This does not mean they hate you! It actually means they are asking to be petted, it is actually a huge mark of respect as the cat feels comfortable in your presence.

Many owners believe differently about keeping their cats inside, it’s very much an ‘agree to disagree’ topic. Although, most animal activists reassure owners it is better to keep their felines indoors! Yes, indoors is better as it keeps the cat from fighting with other cats pr perhaps getting injured. All in all, it just keeps the cat safe.

With indoor life being encouraged by professionals it has to be taken into account that cats are natural hunters and they need to be challenged or they will get bored and lazy. Hide food, hide toys and hide treats, so they can use their natural instincts to scope out what they are looking for.

Vomiting is very common for our feline friends, and they usually like to do it in the most random yet awkward places. They will probably do it on your dining room table, on one of your nicest jumpers or even your carpeted floors. They prefer doing it on a more comfortable surface.  Cats are quite often more comfortable when people don’t look at them, that is when a cat is most likely to come up to you and introduce itself.

Cats are very unique animals and with their uniqueness comes some strange habits. We hope this guide was helpful to you if you have any furry friends at home! Just know that your animals will always love you and show their loyalty to you if you are feeding them, caring for them and loving them!

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