China have a Black Death plague emergency!

China have a Black Death plague emergency! Serious worries as China are found to have a young boy infected with bubonic plague.

The disease from the 14th century has risen once again, infecting a three-year-old boy in its way. This has happened in a small village in Menghai county, Yunnan.

The Black Death plague was a disease in the 14th century that killed over hundreds of millions of people. The illness is carried by fleas that inhibit rodents like rats and mice. The disease is so deadly and dangerous, it can kill in less than a day. It is a bacterial disease

Many cases have occurred since, spreading worry across the country and world as no one wants another pandemic. The authorities and emergency services are trying their best to keep the infected in isolation as a preventative measure.

The Black death plague otherwise known as the bubonic plague, effects your circulation system as well respiratory. It causes coughing, fever chills and swollen glands. Daily routines of disinfecting towns are in action, and towns people that have been tested have all came back negative.

There is treatment that the infected can receive if the illness is caught early on. It is believed that this illness has reoccurred because of three dead rats that were found infested with fleas who carried the disease.

The last thing the world needs is another pandemic, so the country is taking extreme preventative measures to ensure no spreading.

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