Will we lead normal lives after COVID vaccine?

Will we lead normal lives after COVID vaccine? The very controversial vaccine that is being researched and developed has mixed feedback. Many people are against and many people are for the vaccination.

Many people have discussed they will refuse the vaccine as it may not even help and many have exclaimed their excitement and positivity towards the vaccine.

The vaccine could be the cure, or preventative measure needed for this virus. However, it will not take weeks or even months to eradicate the virus. Scientists have advised the population to be realists and not to expect too much, too quick.

The vaccination may take up to a year to distribute as it will have to be introduced to prioritised groups first. All health workers, teachers, older people, and pregnant women will be within the prioritised groups.

There are hundreds of vaccines in the middle of development by scientists all over the world. In hopes of finding the right vaccine to protect the population against the virus, they will be starting human trials soon.

In spite of the negativity surrounding the vaccine, there is also mass amounts of people that are ecstatic. People can possibly start getting the vaccine in the early months of next year. Nevertheless, a vaccine takes time to fully function and there will have to be step by step rules in place to slacken the restrictions once the vaccine is being distributed.

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