Racism is a weapon, against which the only real defence is common sense

Racism is a weapon, against which the only real defence is common sense. Unfortunately, this precious commodity is being kept firmly under lock and key by UK politicians, who are petrified that using too much of it could send the whole racial issue spiraling completely out of their control.

In fact, their utterly biased ethnic appeasement attitude is merely creating a dangerous criterion that could ultimately bring the whole social order tumbling around their ears.

The beleaguered white majority of UK citizens are now not only riddled with guilt, but utterly petrified of saying or doing the wrong thing in case they find themselves at the receiving end of retributions which could ultimately prove fatal.

The recent resignation of football Association chairman Greg Clarke is a case in point. Now, I confess I have no idea of past indiscretions or opinions of this man, but if he was pressured to resign in the light of the interview I witnessed, then his persecution was an absolute disgrace.

During his address, he was actually acting in defence of black footballers, decrying the fact that they received a great deal of abuse on social media.

So why did he ultimately receive so much pressure and racist accusations that he considered the only recourse was for him to resign? Well as ludicrous as it may sound, it was because he referred to black footballers as ‘high profile coloured players’.

Whaaaa!? Along with many others, I was truly under the impression that this was one of the preferred and polite ways of referring to the black community? Wrong! Apparently, the expression was ‘outdated and old fashioned’.

Ah, now I get it, not in vogue anymore eh? Goalposts on the move again! Keep up everyone; yesterday’s acceptable terms are apparently today’s insults! Well I don’t buy it. This is simply using the racist card to keep the white community confused and on the back foot.

Even Meghan Markel on her trip to Africa referred to herself as a ‘woman of colour ‘. Three days after Clarke’s resignation, I saw a highly placed police woman in the North of England discussing diversity in the police force.

During the TV interview she made a number of references to ‘colored’ members and ‘people of colour’ on the force.

So where were all the screams of indignation? Why wasn’t her letter of resignation on the desk of the commissioner the following morning? Don’t be silly, she was of Asian descent herself. Racist accusations only apply if you’re a ‘privileged’ white.

Well I personally have had all this brain washing and dangerous nonsense up to here. The whole exercise positively reeks of unfair bias and unacceptable reversed racism.

And I abhor racism! I’m also interested to notice that UK companies are now targeting most of their Christmas wares at only 13% of the population and that ITV’s much loved Good Morning program is about to be recast! I await the slings and arrows.

Keep the faith,
Love Leapy
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