Some decades ago, I remember being buttonholed by a drunk at a large party in Brighton. He may well have been a gate-crasher, as he seemed to lower the general tone.

Breathing alcoholic fumes into my face (no masks in those days!) he was rambling on about how his brother frequently advised him to watch his drinking and how his brother was wrong.

He knew better than all those trying to give him advice. How smart he was! How successful his life had been. How he had overcome being bullied at school. When he started boasting about his sexual conquests, I concluded that he was deluded, frustrated and egocentric. But most of all, I thought, what a bore!

And so we come to Trump. There are many ways I can think of to describe him. Self-obsessed, lacking in judgement, impulsive, immature, power-crazy and inconsiderate. But for me the best description would involve reference to a part of the anatomy between the buttocks.

This boring little man leaves his country in turmoil because he cannot accept that anybody can beat him at anything or be more capable of doing anything than he is, despite being a proven failure as a man, as a businessman, as a leader and as President.

At the time of writing, he pays golf or sulks in his beloved Oval Office, refusing to face the world, admit defeat and co-operate in the transfer of power in the interests of the health, economy and security of the millions he is supposed to lead. He moans, boasts, tweets the same old nonsensical grievances over and over again, well aware of the fact that he is not wanted. What a bore!

The culture of lies, cheating and juvenile insults and the fomenting of racism and division continues.

And why, as I write, has nobody been willing or able to remove him, kicking and barking, from the White House to a psychiatric unit? The President has assumed the power of a mad dictator –firing anybody who disagrees with him and breaking the law or amending it by controlling the Supreme Court.

Is this really democracy? Even King George III had a regent during his ten years of insanity. The longer Trump stays in power, the greater the danger to the USA and the world in general.

It’s time to look forward and restore values. The country desperately needs leadership in order to activate control of the pandemic, the consequent rebuilding of businesses and the global economy.

There needs to be trust in individuals and institutions and mature dialogue with allied countries as well as those posing a threat to security. Proper legitimate trade deals need to be implemented rather than random embargos and punitive trade wars.

It looks as if Biden and his team are on the right track.

Written by

David Worboys

Offering a unique insight into everything from politics to food to sport, David is one of the Euro Weekly News´ most popular columnists.