‘Neo-Nazi Rapper’ Arrested Following Police Hunt in Austria

Austria police arrest neo Nazi rapper

Arrested: Police in Austria arrest 'neo-Nazi rapper'. Image: Wikimedia/Plani

POLICE in Austria have arrested a ‘neo-Nazi rapper’ known as Mr Bond following a long hunt.

According to newly-released details, the arrest took place in the town of Paternion, Austria, last month after the ‘neo-Nazi’ rapper’s song became popular with the extreme far right.

Police claim the 36-year-old musician’s raps are anti-Semitic and racist and were used during a deadly attack at a synagogue in Germany.

After raiding the man’s house, police say they found weapons, a Nazi-era military flag and other Nazi objects.

The man had evaded Austrian intelligence services and it was widely thought he lived in Vienna. However, officials eventually made the arrest in the southern town of Paternion.

Austrian authorities said: “The words of his songs glorify National Socialism and are anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic.”

The man is also alleged to have translated and published the manifesto of the Christchurch gunman in New Zealand.

As well as incitement to racial hatred and promoting Nazi ideas, Mr Bond is accused of infringing other artists’ copyright.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said: “Far-right extremism takes on many faces and forms… and whatever form it takes, the fight against [it] is our historical responsibility.”

Police said Mr Bond’s music had been played in October 2019 when a heavily armed neo-Nazi gunman targeted a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle where he killed a female passer-by and a man at a kebab shop.

The gunman, Stephen Balliet, live-streamed his killings and told a trial last year he had used Mr Bond’s music as a soundtrack. He was jailed last December.

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    • Heysus

      03 March 2021 • 20:51

      Aside from the fact that the words “nazi” and “racist/racial” and “semitic” appear a total of 10+3+2 times surrounding a ~270 word article, a more critical observation is: A parody artist got arrested all because that Rodney Dangerfield of a terrorist? He should’ve just killed himself instead of involving innocent people. I listened to one of Mr. Bonds’ tracks out of curiosity, and I can already tell it’s 100% satire; being offensive for the sake of being offensive, Oscar Wilde style–something that isn’t uncommon in the entertainment industry. I wonder if things would’ve been different had the murderer named an innocent politician, and played recordings of their speech on livestream instead. It would’ve made more sense, but then again, this is the Austrian police that want to spend their administrative budget in apprehending some unrelated guy in his own home from across the country, money that could’ve been better spent elsewhere.

    • Ghost Who Walks

      06 April 2022 • 08:33

      As an American, I am disgusted that this is what our American men fought for when they were told they were fighting for freedom and democracy. It is obvious, especially of late, that just as General Patton claimed before he was murdered: “We fought and defeated the wrong enemy.” The foolish allied soldiers fought for the ascent of Judeo-Satanic Bolshevism and the totalitarian oriental despotism of the international people… Who as we all know now, are now known as globalists. I listened to a dozen Mr Bond songs on Telegram; most are worth the listen, some are brilliant. All will grow on you — even if you normally hate rap music. This sentence is a travesty.

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